Friday, February 18, 2005

Random Musings

It's half an hour past five in the morning. I awoke at around four in the morning feeling uncharacteristicly thirsty. Anyways I got myself a drink ( some Jolly Shandy :P ) and couldn't get back to sleep again. I just wanted to list out the things I did in the one and the half hours I've been awake:

  1. Watched the latest episode of Naruto ( 122 ) which I "obtained" while I was asleep. By the way Naruto is licensed in the US already! This means it may be more difficult to obtain Naruto fansubs.
  2. Put in my Nedstat Basic 3.0 counter to the bottom of every page. It used to be located on only one page at because there was where most visitors came in. That's not true anymore because most of the visitors now never see the main page and instead go to the individual blog postings such as the highly visited Protom SRM and TRM posts. The statistics are definitely going to jump quite a bit but it will be more accurate and interesting.
  3. Contacted my hosting provider to inquire about transferring the domain control over to them from my old ISP and upgrading my hosting package to something with more disk space as I'm really outgrowing my measly 50MB disk space. IPXcess has terrible customer support. The last time my domain name was up for renewal they let it expire despite me already having paid for it. Screw them!
  4. Finally got a reply from TV Smith to be listed in the Malaysian Central Blogs Directory. Whopee! Might have to wait a few days though.
  5. Took a look at TV Smith's latest photo essay, Big Business in Little China which is about one of my favourite places in the city... Petaling Street! You thought you knew Petaling Street? Check out the last photo about the Pasar Karat. Who would have guessed?
Ok... I've spent another half an hour writing this post. I wonder if I can sneak in another hour of sleep before I wake up to prepare for work?

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2 wise words from our readers:

a golden opinion from Blogger Chorwin

Hey, me again. Wah, you pay for the hosting service, surprise!!
Anyway, you are hardcore compare with me, i am just hobbiyist. As sometime i am busy to update my blog and just simply put rubbish to it. haha.
My blog:
free webspace from, Malaysia TimedotCom companies which operated 017 long time ago.
So far it the best free service available i could get.....

1:04 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

Me hardcore? Hehehe... well I used to have big plans for my website but I'll settle for a blog cause it's easy to maintain. My next project is to set up a wiki if I can afford the time. Anyways the hosting and domain name only costs me about RM300 per year, not that much money :)

8:22 PM  

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