Monday, February 14, 2005

Sugimoto Japanese Restaurant

Siew Toh and I had lunch today at Sugimoto Japanese Restaurant located in Desa Sri Hartamas. It's located one floor above ground floor ( meaning upstairs ) nearby Kowloon Restaurant.

Your initial assumptions about Japanese eateries in Malaysia would probably be that they are not cheap and the fact is you would probably be correct. Sugimoto is no exception... or is it?

Every once in a while we like to drop in to this place for some "lunch box" ( they call it bento ). Bento is priced at RM14 for a selection of 2 dishes and RM18 for a selection of 3 dishes. Take note though that bento is only served during lunch time and only on weekdays!

My personal recommendation is to go for the 3 dish selection. You may select your dishes from 30 different items in the menu. Every bento comes standard with miso soup, fruits, some salad, chawan mushi ( steamed egg in a cup ) and rice ( plain rice or garlic rice for no additional charge... go for the garlic rice). A balanced diet if there ever was one :)

The food is good and they come in generous proportions. I have never been disappointed with the food in Sugimoto. They also have a branch located in Bangsar. I've never been there though and don't know where it is.

Is the bento worth the money? I certainly think so. Give it a try if you work nearby or if you have taken some off day from work ( like I have today... but it's back to work tomorrow! ). I don't think there is a better deal around. Comparison with Sushi King and the like is out of the question of course because the food is really at a different level.

Welcome to Sugimoto's.

Tables in the smoking section are much prettier than those for non-smokers ( of course ST is the prettiest thing in the picture! ).

My selection: beef, scallops and oysters.

Siew Toh's selection: salmon, cuttlefish and some fried potato thing.

Did you notice the chilli padi in the middle of the lunch box? Very un-Japanese don't you think?

Note: Today's pictures were taken using a proper digital camera hence the better quality :)

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