Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Google AdSense Account Disabled

This morning I checked my mail to find this:

Hello Lee Wye Jon,

It has come to our attention that invalid clicks have been generated on the ads on your web pages. We have therefore disabled your Google AdSense account. Please understand that this step was taken in an effort to protect the interest of the AdWords advertisers.

A publisher's site may not have invalid clicks on any ad(s), including but not limited to clicks generated by a publisher on his own web pages, clicks generated through the use of robots, automated clicking tools, or any other deceptive software.

Practices such as these are in violation of the Google AdSense Terms and Conditions and program polices, which can be viewed at:


Publishers disabled for invalid click activity are not allowed further participation in AdSense and do not receive any further payment. The earnings on your account will be properly returned to the affected advertisers.


The Google AdSense Team

Sigh... I've put up my AdSense since February this year and I've only earned a measly amount... not even near to getting my first AdSense cheque. Can someone please tell me where the hell the invalid clicks come from? The Great Lord Google does not wish to tell me. A peasant like me will never find out. But I still tried anyways.


If there's a real person reading this please reply. May I know in what way were the terms violated? I have not made any attempts to fraudelently click on the ads.


Lee Wye Jon

Now let's wait for the Google Gods to reply. Otherwise I'm going to start worshipping Yahoo again.

BTW... I'm not as bitter as I make it sound. Was never expecting much from Google but I certainly don't expect them to just cancel an account without reason. Google = Malaysian government?

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a golden opinion from Anonymous pandaboy

They said it's due to invalid clicks. Did you receive lots of clicks recently? I've heard of such cases happened a lot of times. Try asking google to track the invalid clicks perhaps? I'm not sure how to deal with this though, this is the nightmare for web publishers.

10:18 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Ahmad Zaki

Wow, I'm feeling sad for you. I REALLY think Google need to work on their monitoring technology.

10:36 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

ahmad zaki, thanks... they do need to work on their monitoring technology. Not only that they actually need to perform some checks by hand before actually disabling AdSense accounts. I think everything was done using computers without any human input.

pandaboy, I don't check my AdSense account often enough to know if there was a sudden surge of clicks. I think Google should at least send out warning letters so that I may have had the chance to act on the matter first. Now as it stands I have no idea why I was banned.

10:06 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous John

Dear jon,
Are you setup the "channel" for each of your ad? this can be track (not much) with the webstat in your page. At least you know where the user from and your channel click rate. they never warn anybody, its on our own to fight the fraud. There still a lot of ads alternative.

6:29 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

John: It's embarressing to say this but I didn't bother enough with my AdSense to learn what channels were... sigh :(

7:00 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

My Adsense was also disabled a couple of days ago with the same cruddy explanation. Google treats all webmasters as criminals instead of attempting to work with them to prevent the "invalid clicks" in the first place.


12:02 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Me too - I got the same email. Yahoo "adsense" will be out in a couple of months so I will try that.

9:30 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Same thing happened to me on Friday. Shame was I was earning some money of the ads. My site earned that money legitimally and Google wont even pay out. Given that Google takes a whole month to pay, I lost about 2 months revenue. I am moving to Yahoo as soon as they are ready.

I am pretty sure I get some robots traversing my site since I get blank emails from some of my forms on my site. Usually 5 a day. My guess is that is what caused the so-called "invalid clicks". But if I dont let robots traverse the site, how will google index them? I'm sure I could come up with a filter, but that will take time I would rather spend on content. Google could learn to work with people versus rip them off.

4:07 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Paul Wells

I've just had the same message - I knew my 'income' was increasing, but I put it down to recent layout changes I'd made.

The problem is that Google doesn't give you enough detail about the 'invalid clicks' - it'd be useful to know if there was a pattern to them, or if they were all coming from one location.

3:40 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Aleph

Google's done the same thing to us, and we bent over BACKWARDS to comply with everything they wanted from us. We went so far as to filter all the site staff on a page-level so they wouldn't even SEE the ads, so that nobody on staff could even click them by accident. We even immediately yanked a post in our fan forum where Syl asked people not to get enthusiastic and over-click-- and I'm talking, within SECONDS-- because we were not allowed to say anything to DISCOURAGE ad clicks. So we couldn't even do anything to protect ourselves from misguided fans.

When I began running the ads my comic was on hiatus, and when I got over the illness and traffic started coming in again, my earnings started to pick up-- hardly any money at all, to be honest, but, that didn't stop them from taking it all.

We've been waiting this entire week for a response and they don't seem to feel they need to explain why they did it. I don't appreciate being accused of wrongdoing this way without so much as an attempt to substantiate it, either.

I won't even use their search engine anymore. Altavista is doing just fine for me.

9:06 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

aleph: Hey... don't be discouraged. If you have the traffic Google AdSense is not the only way to generate revenue.

Check this list out: http://www.threadwatch.org/resources/advertising/contextual/adsense/alternatives

In particular try out the Yahoo Publisher Network: http://publisher.yahoo.com/

1:14 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Dug Falby

Google = Malaysian government

I like it. Unfortunately, it's more Google = just another evil global capitalist piece of shit.

This opens a real can of worms which they stand a reasonable chance of drowning in:-)

5:59 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous John

Same here,

ik redisgned some stuff on my site and all dynamic urls changed. I used a remote link checker to find any links i might have forgotten to update. Maybe that thing also checked the google links... not sure though :S


4:33 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Yep, Just got disabled too!!

Not happy because it was just enough to pay my hosting fees. Checked my traffic and most of it comes from the US. I live in the UK so how could it be me???

Certainly wont be recommending Poople adsense to anyone and will be terminating other accounts too!

7:09 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Yep same here :)

Just lost it too, they owe me over 8.000$ from this month.

Is there anything we can do?

5:46 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Guys, go to www.nopaypal.com and group yourselves there and sue Google's ass. I can't stress this enough, go there and post your complaints. Those guys have really some big lawsuit Ebay paypal and other companies. That's the place to go.

Ask the admin to open a forum or just post it in the general area.

7:36 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Google adsense disabled my account without any warning/solid reason. They blocked my funds. And above all they never listen to your pleding and neither reply to your mails. Never register with them. I really frustrated about it. Google adsense sucks. Try for yahoo.

2:35 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

I just don't believe you suckers. I think you work for yahoo or something! Look, I have gamble in my site: hyipinvestment.com and my account doesn't get cancelled. Look in the middle of the page to the left side in hyipinvestment.com and google doesn't cancel my adsense. You must work for yahoo or something, suckers! I even have paid to read contents and my account is still there!

12:29 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

lol... i don't work with yahoo... wished i did ;)

11:41 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

It's time for...


Google keeps getting worse ... time to bring them down ...

9:51 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous rick horvath

We are having great success with out petition to either get our
Adsense accounts back online, or to get enough names to present a
petition to Google to stop its poor business practices.

Please go to:

and sign the petition. As of today over 700 former Adsense affiliates
have signed on - and this is only in a few weeks!

Thank you,
Rick Horvath
President - Noodleware Software Co.

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10:59 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Peter

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:38 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Peter

I received the same email message from google saying my account is disabled. I didn't do anything wrong. This is clearly a scam. Google are crooks.

Thanks Rick, I have signed the petition.

7:48 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

I just set up an Adsense account and its been disabled within a matter of days. Last I checked I only generated $3. I clicked on each of the 4 AdSense account exactly twice each. The first time to see what they were and the second, the next day to see if they were the same as the day before. I guess my $3 goes to Google. If they do this to millions of people each year, no wonder their profits are so high.

11:23 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Yeah, mine was disabled to for some unknown reason. They fed me a bunch of crap about invalid clicks. I have no idea as to what happened, and I was accused of doing something I didn't do. It's very sad to see such large corporation take advatage of innocent webmasters, but they get there money by ripping people off like me and I suppose that's all that matters to them.

5:39 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Does anyone know if google does cancel your account (happened to me this morning) and I know how it happened. I clicked on my links about 15 times in the past month to see if clicks and stuff work corrently from all my sites. Guess I coudlnt do that. Not like i was trying cheat them out of a cool $10 bucks.

But does anyone know if you can reapply for adsense or is it a permament ban. Also can someone else make an account and put it on the same page or is that person going to get blacklisted (if the site it was on originally is blacklisted?)


8:56 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Sylwester

Adsense says "The
earnings on your account will be properly returned to the affected

I'm wonder who can check of this is TRUE"

11:00 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Google burned me good with AdSense. I had been running their contextual text links on a half dozen of my sites.. after I had earned about $400, they sent me the same "invalid clicks" email which looked like it wasn't even written by a human. I had no idea what they were talking about, and offered to fix the problem.. they ignored my responses and I never did see the money.

I would suggest that folks avoid AdSense like the plague. I googled around about this issue, and it seems to happen to a lot of people, and always when it's getting close to payout time.

I’ve since swapped out all my CPC adsense ads with CPA ads from AzoogleAds. I'm making WAY more money with them, and the checks show up on time every month when they're supposed to. No lame excuses or reps hiding under their desks.

I have earned over $200,000 USD lifetime with them, and I've been paid on time every time. I would strongly suggest that folks check them out, and quit running adsense ads on your sites before you get burned too. It's quite unpleasant to drive in thousands of legitimate clicks over the course of a few months, and then get screwed by Google when it comes time for them to square up.

I'd also like to mention that I'm NOT an employee of AzoogleAds, nor am I trying to just spam their name out.. I think they're a rock solid Internet marketing agency, and they've never burned me like google did.. even on 5 figure checks.

Two Thumbs Up!

2:32 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Spooks

I was disabled this morning! and for what? I was only up to about $16.00! I am a recently disabled person who was working hard to learn a new way to make a buck using among other things Adsense!
I bent over backwords following the dang rules only to be spanked like a naughty child caught with their hand in the cookie jar! But I'm not a child and if $16.00 in 7 months constitutes suspicious clicks...brother, give me a break!

I signed the petition too!

3:18 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Google is a big rip off anyway. They are screwing the publishers and what's so funny is that they make believe that they share 50% of their revenue with publishers.

This is a BIG LIE !

When Google charges $100 a single click to the advertisers, the publishers will get few cents only, so please give up on Google and move on.

8:49 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Google Adsense should be renamed to Google Nonsense.

Really.. I suck with these guys.They are cheat.

They want a pin number which they will send after 3 months.
If Only you enter the pin you will receive the payment.In between they will block your account.

I hate them
I won't use google search even.....

3:49 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Atul Kumar

Google is cheat , They did same to ads on my blog. I got 200 and at end of month they said invalid clicks & blocked it. This is real stupid , My viewers are mostly college students & they are quite curious to check everything on page . Buggers I will never ever put there ads in my site again . There are few others one like kontera . Atul

2:52 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

I also received mail on one fine day saying that your account is disabled.
As a matter of fact I was displaying how to use google adsense senesibly on my page.
i think only strong (google) wins.. they get money for advertises and do not pay the peoepl whos pages have those adverts.. how frustrating.. no wonder google is becoming richer and richer

8:08 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Yesterday (9/13/2006) my Adsense account was disabled due to invalid clicks. In reality it was due to the $100 in earnings accumulated since April of 2006.
Big companies do not get rich by writing checks! Just as well. Google Adsense was sending ads that degraded the content of my website and its subsequent pages anyway. Google just gave me the motivation to delete its code altogether.

2:27 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Paul Joseph

I was barred for invalid clicks too i had earned more than 56$$$$$$4 from my site
why do they do this to me.
i have not seen any activity in my site causing this

11:15 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Those suckers banned me too. Google sucks. I never did like them. The rich get richer the poor get poorer and money stolen from them. I had a solid $243 in a two month time span which they decided to keep. Jerks. Imagine an employer just deciding not to pay you on no merits. I was planning on filing a better business bureau complaint against these fools. They banned me for no reason.

8:19 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

I got the email from Google yesterday saying my account was disabled. They were putting up ads for diet pills and Canadian prescription drugs, and I post art on my site. I fail to see how those ads were relevant. So, I clicked on a few to see if somehow their content matched mine. I even tried changing my site, and the same ads came up. I was thinking of dumping them anyway due to the irrelevant content - who's wants to have cheesy, and probably fraudelent, ads for diet pills when they're viewing pencil drawings? And I thought sites that sold prescription drugs could not participate in the AdSense program. I guess that only counts if you are a publisher. If you are an advertiser, you can sell what you want, as long as Google gets a cut. After all, Sergi needs a new Boeing.

11:13 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

I got the email from Google yesterday saying my account was disabled.i think google now have no money to give thier employees,so they started this type of game.an very soon google will become richest on earth.

thanx google

4:03 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous ernie

google adsense is shit

10:48 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Goodpasture

I got my eviction notice today to. I think this is plain wrong taht they can just say "sorry" and that is it. Yea there is an appeal form. Is there anybody that reads this that has got that to work?

I say the American way is a class action lawsuit and I'd be willing to take the stand because i want my $200 from Google. We are all small publishers it sounds trying to follow the "rules". I've never clicked on any of my own ads but there are several characteristics that are the same in this blog and it realyl should be taken on and fought. Please if anybody knows anything, let me know. Google needs to be put down on this case and I say a multi-million dollar lawsuit might get them to put up a little more human intervention in dealing with the peoples lives like they are. Thanks, Jonathan (anybody know a good lawyer that wants a challenge?)

7:55 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Google Ads doesn't make any sense anyways. How do you think people ever click on these ads and you make some money? 5cents per click, that's what you get, while google make 3$ on every click.....

They are just rip off..

Screw them..There are several companies just getting out of this trap or scam or something...

If you approach some companies they will give you ads directly...because they are mere loosers with Google Ad.

My friends company in SF quit Google saying google is a huge rip off.

6:51 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Google ripped me off too! I have a great webstore and ebay business, I drive alot of traffic to my webstore with op-in repeat customer email, so after 18 months building my google income, almost $500.00 monthly I get banned, just the same canned email everyone else gets for invalid clicks, they
got me for over $700.00 total earnings that where cancelled.
I already have a good income from my online sales, glad I didnt have to have the money, the F@@kers at google can keep the Money, legit online marketers beware of adsense,dont waste your time!

7:52 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

They took away my $322.00 and replied with the same email. Providing no logic for invalid clicks.

How come It took them a month to understands about invalid clicks??
If they occur why are they not found on the first very day!!

4:56 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger mskzalameda

I just woke up this morning, checked my email and got the same info from google that they have disabled my adsense account. heck. they don't specify valid reasons at all. they're like robots responding. *sad*

11:17 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger saoirse

Same here. I appealed to have the account back because I don't think I have done any invalid clicks. Can't do much besides waiting.

10:45 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

I am witting a story about Google and would appreciate all input from everyone .It seems google made 300 million last year off the backs of web developers and I want the world to know what they are doing. Please contact me with your stories at flipmybic@gmail.com or at petpeev.com.

10:37 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

My account got diabled today! I have had it a few month and never got 1 click. Just testing it before setting my website up.

There reason was I was 'related to a disabled account' My husband adsense account was disabled 2 days ago for invalid clicks. Though we are unsure why? So they ban mine even though they were not connected in any way, because he was banned! I cannot beleive it! They just have to look to see that I never had a click!!!
I am sorry to hear about all of you loosing money.

6:38 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Estimacs

I got the same email today. I signed up with Google adsense a few months ago. I was making just about 2$ on an average per day. I never got any large traffic on a single day. After about 5 months with adsense i made 102$. I was waiting for paycheck and i got a mail saying my account is disabled. I followed Google rules but i am disapproved. I hate Google

11:36 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Mitchell

yesterday , my account was also disabled. as usual i tried to logon but i couldnot, i checked my mailbox and got the notice, my account is disabled , they ate my $60.00, I couldnot findout where was the invalid clicks were coming from. Its a shame to google , they are not disclosing the information , where was the invalid clicks were coming from.

1:43 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Jose CE

The same thing happened to me, I lost all the money I was "earning", anyways, Google Should really try to work something out with the webmasters instead of treating us like criminals. It's dumb that someone can actually lose his "Google Rights" just because somebody maybe just a robot its clicking so many times.. It's just not right!

9:55 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

I just got the letter today too, I appealled their swift axe but still amazed that there was no warning. I didn't get a warning and I don't think the friggin thing had even made $30. What a joke, what were the invalid clicks? If they were invalid are they giving those advertisers back their money? Or are they charging them anyway? I'm a google advertiser and I want to know that too. If there are so many invalid clicks and people getting banned why are they not refunding money to the advertisers if they are withholding funds from websites posting those ads? Sounds like a friggin scam.

1:18 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Mine is disabled today morning when I open my website to check. i feel much better now, because not only me was beaten down . it is right for google to protect the advertiser's right, but it should warn before disabled at the begining, and cant disable after the website owner spent so much time on it, and got nothing in the end. it is really a disappointed thing, you spent lot of time, but nothing got back in the end.

3:24 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Jane

I have a high traffic website. During December, I reached $1000. But on 29th they disabled my account for no fault. I was really shocked. I lost the $500 Dollars I made during November too.To be frank there is something fishy about the whole affair. If we look through the posts, we can infer that they wait till the month end and when the payment is due, rips us of our money. Real Suckers. I have now joined Textlinkads and Linkworth and making $100 per link per month. Planning to join Yahoo Publisher Network too. Microsoft Adcenter will be ready within few months. So wait patiently. Never use their search or Toolbar..

3:35 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

There is also this company called Adbrite which works pretty well. It won't make you as much money as Adsense but it looks the same if not better. Here is their link http://www.adbrite.com/mb/landing_both.php?spid=63580

11:11 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Here is the link you can click on for Adbright:


You can have ads on your site within a couple days

11:18 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Mugur

It happened to me as well... No explanation

2:12 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

My AdSense was disabled as well.
Why? I have NO idea -- they say "Invalid Clicks", but offer no proof, nor do they even mention which of my sites they have imagined in their minds are generating these "invalids".
I have requested to be reinstated, so hopefully I will be. However, I am immediately going to be searching for an alternative to Google. Someone mentioned Yahoo, but I will not do business with them either -- not after they outed the identity of those Chinese dissidents to protect their revenue from Chinese ad sales.

Its funny in a pathetic kind of way -- all these companies like Google & Yahoo with their "Hipster Geek" leadership are just as corrupt as executives like Kenneth Lay, from the more mainstream companies...

9:00 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Same here, waited until today (end of the month) to disable my account just before payment. The sad part is they claim the revenue will be refunded to the advertisers. I use Google Adwords also and have NEVER had a refund due to fraudulent clicks. Sounds to me like Google is lining their own pockets with false accusations of bad clicks!

10:45 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Email today i received by google adsense 14 mac 2008

While going through our records recently, we found that your AdSense
account has posed a significant risk to our AdWords advertisers. Since
keeping your account in our publisher network may financially damage
our advertisers in the future, we've decided to disable your account.

Please understand that we consider this a necessary step to protect the
interests of both our advertisers and our other AdSense publishers. We
realize the inconvenience this may cause you, and we thank you in
advance for your understanding and cooperation.

==>> Today my nightmare for me as publishers google adsense disable account... i dunno why is it happen for that... no concrete reason for us to have security... i have made by last month usd 960 and today until 13 mac 2007 bout average usd 325.... google adsense are easy to disable publisher with that if they will.... give us all a bad impact by google adsense...

6:09 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous dwitold

I have a web site, which generated 50 usd for a period of 3-4 years and Google Adsens account was closed on April 2008. Each click was generating on everage 1 or 2 cents - This is JOKE MADE BY GOOGLE! I had over one thosusand impression each day and only max 1 click a day and still they closed it. Good job Google, this is your first step do _self distraction

3:37 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Tom

That sucks. Have you tried Chitika? Over the last year I compiled some statistics of my earnings and I actually earned twice as much with Chitika compared to AdSense. For those of you considering Chitika - try it! You can check out this Chitika review for more info and some cool screenshots.

3:31 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

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6:53 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Golden

Now you can prevent your account from getting banned.

AdsenseClickLock protects your AdSense pages by automatically hiding your ads from visitors when it detects a possible click fraud attack.

To provide the best protection possible, AdsenseClickLock uses the powerful TripleDefense Click Protection technolgy:

1. ClickBlocker - monitors how many times the same visitor clicks your ads, then hides your AdSense ads after the limit is reached.

2. PageBlocker - hides your AdSense ads after a certain number of pageviews is achieved.

3. IP Tracker - the IP address of each and every visitor to your site ensuring accurate, foolproof tracking of all your potential attackers.

No other solution offers the TripleDefense Protection system to protect your ads from click fraud.

Please try it here

1:34 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

A similar thing happened to this person: http://mjr.livejournal.com/3792.html

They still haven't heard back either. What is wrong with Google?

4:41 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Oh My Gawd!! I must be the latest entry in Google's "disabled adsense account" and I had some quality blogs going out.. Seems like they don't ban gambling, porn sites..
which makes me wonder if google is really not "EVIL" .

5:06 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous mail

Does Your Adsense Account Cancelled ?

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6:51 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger KIP

Wow! This is amazing. I have two very small, very low traffic websites (my personal blog and the family business) and they were both disabled - we've never made money, I don't care about that. But we only have about 20 visitors a day, max on the sites. How the H E double hockey sticks could we possibly have invalid clicks?!!?

I don't even want to waste my time trying to argue with them, but it's just baffling.

4:57 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger clearman

google is a monoply and the bad thing is that they don't even give a warning and block the account. I had the same case and i appealed 2 times with all the information to clear myself. But every time they replied by giving me an email that they were not able to do so.


6:22 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

i was YOUTUBE PARTNER which uses google adsense. they sent me an e-mail in a box i dont use, telling me to change a video of mine in three days..i foudn the e-mail 11 days later, by then it was too late. they disabled my account and took away my youtube partnership. i was getting $400 a month from them...im tyring to appeal with them. it was a simple mistake. that was good money that helped me and my family get by. why are they so unreasonable? i guess becuase they can be.

11:41 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Written by Amit Agarwal on March 6, 2009 Text Size
Banned AdSense Publisher Gets His Money Back from Google

It’s not uncommon to hear stories of disgruntled AdSense publishers whose accounts have been permanently banned by Google either due to "non-compliance with AdSense policies" or for "posing a significant risk to AdWords advertisers."

The compliance issue is almost always related to content. For instance, if any particular website is centered around banned topics (like gambling or pornography), Google can disable AdSense serving for that website.

The next issue is more serious as it relates to "click fraud". No one obviously has a clear understanding of how Google determines "invalid clicks" but such an activity can invite an AdSense ban for life. There’s an appeal process at Google but again it doesn’t guarantee that your AdSense account will be reinstated even if you provide all the required details (like web server logs).

Aaron Greenspan was another happy AdSense user until he received an email from Google saying that his account has been cancelled.

While going through our records recently, we found that your AdSense account has posed a significant risk to our AdWords advertisers. Since keeping your account in our publisher network may financially damage our advertisers in the future, we’ve decided to disable your AdSense account.

Aaron writes in Huffington Post that his AdSense account was disabled without warning and he literally ran from pillar to post at Google trying to reach everyone from the AdSense Customer Service to the Legal Team to Google forums but with no success.

If an AdSense publisher’s account is disabled for invalid clicks, he is not entitled to any further payment from Google and all the current earnings are returned to the corresponding AdWords advertisers. The same happened to Aaron as he had made around $721 from AdSense but the payment was stopped after the account was disabled.

With literally no options left, Aaron made a final attempt and filed a civil lawsuit for $721.00 (the amount Google owed to him) saying that Google could not prove any wrongdoing and that Google’s fraud detection algorithm was imperfect. All he had to pay was $40 as the court fees for this lawsuit.

The AdSense account was disabled on December 9, 2008, he filed the lawsuit against Google on January 15, 2009 and on March 2, 2009, the judge delivered the following verdict:

I don’t think I have the power here in Palo Alto small claims court to make you reinstate his account, but I think you owe this young man $721. I think there might be money in Google’s treasury for that.

Google paid him all the "due" AdSense earnings along with the court fees though his account still stands cancelled.

I think a big reason why Google lost this case is because their lawyer couldn’t convince the judge about how "click fraud" was detected in first place. Google has good reasons to not disclose their fraud detection algorithms in public court cases but the fact that this decision went against Google could probably convince many more ex-AdSense users to follow the footsteps of Aaron

11:30 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Interglaze

Does Google also blacklist the websites if an account is disabled for AdSense?

What if we use other google account on same website?

3:51 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Mr. Alishah

hey my name is alishah.
your account has been disabled because you was clicking on your own ads. hwoever if you were not clicking on your own ads, make sure your ip address is not used by another person. Never open your website in net cafe. members of your relatives also try to increase your income by clicking on ads make sure that no one is opening your web site.

4:30 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Mr. Alishah


if you have two adsense account and if one of them has been blocked you can use another account but if you done the same activity that account can also be blocked

Please Note: you cannot use the disabled account no more..

4:33 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Lana

They disabled my account today with no explanation except that it's because of the invalid clicking. It's really not fair, especially because I didn't click or asked anybody to do that!

3:23 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous rezki

i have a solution for your problem. I know it’s not easy but i can create another adsense account for you. Yup, with your own name (nothing’s problem if you have got banned before) I’ll recover back with new account.

Contact me at rezki@benbego.com

5:01 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

reactivate your disabled google adsense account for $99.99

Level 1
2:49 AM
hii i will provide you a adsense a/c within a day
if you really need adsense a/c mail me. ashtushwizard@yahoo.in

8:33 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger saad

At last, my account was blocked too.
They owed me 40$.
However i've filed my application regarding invalid clicks. Lets see what happens.
I have a link of invalid clicks appeal form on my website. http://onlinebux.web.officelive.com/special.aspx
As a matter of fact I have posted also in this website
"How to avoid your google account being banned".I got myself banned from adsense. Now who's gonna believe me :-)

3:26 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Malaysian Google Adsense User


While going through our records recently, we found that your AdSense
account has posed a significant risk to our AdWords advertisers. Since
keeping your account in our publisher network may financially damage our
advertisers in the future, we have decided to disable your account.

Please understand that we consider this a necessary step to protect the
interests of both our advertisers and our other AdSense publishers. We
realise the inconvenience that this may cause you and we thank you in
advance for your understanding and cooperation.

If you have any questions about your account or the actions that we have
taken, please do not reply to this email. You can find more information by


The Google AdSense Team

Hi All,

Got the above message from Google Adsense Team next morning with my Adsense Account DISABLED !.

Out of sudden and without any mercy, I lost my adsense earning at USD30.00 with my past 6 month hardwork struggling.

Can never trust Google anymore as they may at any time kill your account.Now I switch to Adbrite.

8:49 AM  

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