Sunday, October 23, 2005

Pizzeria Bella Italia

Continuing the tradition of really late postings on wAntAn productions, I bring to you some tantalising pictures from my first visit to Pizzeria Bella Italia in SS2. The food was good and the price was reasonable. So much so that I went back there last Friday to try their value for money set lunches (no pics of the second visit though).

Pizzeria Bella Italia is located on the same stretch of road as the famous Sri Murni (yes... the Chinese Mamak famous for it's claypot lou shi fun).

As you can see they make a big deal of their set lunches.

Since I've delayed this post for 3 weeks I can't really remember what I wanted to write so enjoy the pictures and the short descriptions instead.

Minestrone soup. Thick and tasty. The one they serve for the set lunch was thinner but no less tasty.

Hawaiian Pizza. This one was a disappointment. The pizza was undercooked. For good authentic Italian pizza I recommend the Italian restaurant in Street Mall, Cyberjaya.

Seafood lasagna. This was the standout dish. Aromatic seafood baked with cheese is a great combination. I'm not sure what the put in there but I think I tasted crabs, calamaries and some variety of shelled seafood (clams, mussels, etc...)

Not all that thick though. Somehow lasagna in my mind is always at least 3cm thick :P

It's kinda odd to take photos while eating in restaurants... lots of people stare at you... hehe.

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a golden opinion from Blogger xaverri

Last I remember, their mushroom soup's good. Been ages since I tried though

2:31 AM  

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