Monday, January 16, 2006

Restoran Kong Kee, Puchong Jaya

Numerous Chinese restaurants have blossomed up in the newly opened shophouses in the Puchong Jaya area. I tried out one of them a few weeks back and was less than impressed. However there are quite a few restaurants to go and 2 weeks ago me and ST headed to Restoran Kong Kee for dinner.

We've passed by here a few times and there always seemed to be an ample amount of customers. Kong Kee is one of those restaurants that sell a variety of noodle dishes all based on the venerable wan tan mee. They also serve the usual assortment of cut meat like grilled chicken and roast pork. Of course they have other things like rice and even boiled soup.

These jars are used to store chillies. I think it's quite unique.

Ma Lat Tau Fu (Spicy Taufu with a Numbing Sensation, RM6). They had this as a special that day. A block of tau fu served with spicy sauce and garnished with picked vegetables. This was really good.

Noodles with Mushrooms (RM5). ST had plain noodles costing RM2. When put into this context the mushrooms don't seem to be worth the RM3 difference :)

Now if you're a regular reader I think you would have noticed my fetish with dumplings. These fried 'sui kau's cost RM4. Nothing out of the ordinary though.

Restoran Kong Kee is a welcome addition to the Puchong makan scene. Unfortunately I still think Puchong is a terrible place for food ;p I don't know a single eatery here that's famous. Here's hoping for better food finds in Puchong. I do live there after all.

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2 wise words from our readers:

a golden opinion from Anonymous Malaysia Property

those chillies doesn't looks like it is being changed...just top up....but the tofu looks great11

9:53 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

malaysia property: ermm... i certainly hope not ;p

11:06 AM  

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