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Cyberjaya Makan (3): The Coast, Alamanda Putrajaya

Alamanda Putrajaya is the only proper shopping complex available to residents of Cyberjaya and Putrajaya but there isn't much there shopping wise. They fare slightly better when it comes to food with many popular chains making their appearance there. Most of the fast food bigwigs are there and they have a massive food court. Alamanda is also host to what is possibly the nicest looking Pizza Hut and A&W store in Malaysia. What's interesting is the area where the fountains are located (outdoor). There are several restaurants operating there and most if not all of them offer the option of indoor or al fresco dining.

In my time working in Cyberjaya I have only had the chance to try 2 of the aforementioned restaurants. I can't quite remember the name of one of them but I was at Alamanda yesterday afternoon for a lunch with some of my team leads at The Coast. It was a farewell lunch for myself and another colleague.

ST once worked with someone who told her that The Coast was run by a former chef of Chilli's. I don't know if there's any truth in that but flip open the menu and you will find food that is very similar to what you can find in Chilli's. Perhaps it's the American diner concept that makes it similar but I digress.

My first time at The Coast was with ST many months back and we were less than impressed then. I remember we were served dishes that were half cold and half warm. For example the burger was served cold (like it came out from a fridge) and the fries were just fried. Odd right? We swore never to go back again but this time I was not paying so no complaints from me :)

Entrance to The Coast.

There were 5 of us and we ordered a starter to share. The starter was called the Trio Dip which as its name implies consists of 3 appetizers with 3 different dips. I have no idea what you call those 2 breaded appetizers but those at the back are chicken drummets marinated to be a little sourish. I can however tell you what the dips were; garlic cream, tomato salsa and some kind of cheese.

The Trio Dip. Quite good... worth a try.

For myself I had a burger with cheese and mushrooms. Surprisingly this time around I have nothing but praises for the food at the Coast. The beef patty was about an inch thick and it was ever so juicy. Coupled with sauteed mushrooms and melted cheese it was sinfully delicious. Damn... I'm hungry just thinking about it.

Thick and juicy burger with cheese and mushrooms.

My colleague who had the fish and chips however didn't enjoy his meal. It did look pretty bland to me too. So what's the conclusion? I guess they are worth trying out at least once. They have some reasonably priced set lunches that go for less than RM10. If you're looking for the Chilli's/TGIF experience within the Cyberjaya/Putrajaya area you might want to consider coming here.

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6 wise words from our readers:

a golden opinion from Blogger MoonCake

The other colleague was ME. Frankly speaking, the fish & chip wasn't nice at all. The fish fillet taste very plain, I've to put alot of chilli source to make it taste better. Anyway, not much complains as it is a free lunch !! The quote "There is no free lunch in this world" taugh me that never expecting too much from free stuff :-D

8:32 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

mooncake: ahahahaaha... how true!

9:11 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger boo_licious

The last time we were there, we ate at the Pizza Hut. Don't think this place was opened yet. So where will you be moving too? Hope there will be good food there.

9:23 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Irwandy

Coast eh? Damnn..looks yummy....I should try it someday..I usually eat at the Rasa Foodcourt...especially the Waffle Shop...yummyyy...

So, u like to take pics of your ordered foods huh?..heheh..looks like your blog is full of yummy foods..u make me hungry..hahah

9:55 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Boss Stewie

RM10 for lunch....

When I was working in KL.. my lunches were only RM5 each :(

sometimes all I had was a bun for lunch :(

7:51 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

boo: i'll be in KL city... sure got a lot of good food.

irwandy: my photography skills where can match urs? i think if u do food blogs should be even better than me.

boss stewie: dude... of coz u dun spend like that everyday lah

11:24 PM  

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