Monday, March 27, 2006

Shogun Japanese Buffet, One Utama New Wing

Throughout the years I have had many friends tell me about the wonders of the Japanese food buffet. They often speak of the fairytale of bottomless plates of sushi, the magically replenishing platters of sashimi and of the warriors who tried and failed at conquering the mythical towers of teppanyaki. Okay that was overly dramatic but have you ever had friends tell you about how wonderful so-and-so Japanese buffet was but you have never tried it before? Well I have been through that situation a few times and today I had a chance to do something about it.

ST gave me a surprise dinner at Shogun Japanese buffet located in One Utama's new wing. She had booked us a table early in the week. Which turned out to be a very wise decision otherwise we would have to join a very long queue of hungry masses. It's incredible to see people lining up to fork out RM48.00++ per person for dinner. How long was the queue? Imagine someone setting up a booth and started giving out free bags/t-shirts/etc (which incidentally was a scene I witnessed at the MATTA fair recently. A lady at the Taiwan booth started giving out free cloth bags and two other guys had to keep shouting for people to line up... not that anyone bothered to listen).

Saisaki is a name I often hear associated to all the tales of the great Japanese buffets I mentioned earlier and I hear Shogun operates under the same owner thus I had high expectations for the food here... but then reality kicked in and I remembered why I've been despising buffets for a few years now. Basically it's two things; 1. You never get quality food at buffets, 2. Your kiasu-ness (translation: never wanting to lose out) will always cause you to overeat. Nothing's changed... Shogun is quantity over quality and I ate so much that I felt like throwing up a few times after dinner :)

But but... don't get me wrong I did enjoy my time here. It's just that the food really isn't what most people say it is. Nothing extraordinary at all. There was only one food item that made me go back for a second round and of all things that was the mixed fruit punch! Yes the fruit punch was good... very good because they used lemon (or maybe lime) juice in the punch.

Japanese food as most Malaysians know it; sushi. But wait... did you notice that most of their sushi's are not wrapped with seaweed? They use some kind of crepe to do the wrapping. Taste wise it was fine but the variety isn't that great.

A mixture of soba, udon and a bunch of other stuff. They serve salmon everywhere! There are tonnes of them even in their fried noodles (yakisoba). With the amount of salmon the serve one would think salmon was cheap. There was one standout dish here. The chilli crabs were standout BAD! It was cold and so obviously unfresh as the meat was totally flaky.

Cheese baked oysters and scallops. They serve this to tables individually and is not available at the buffet spread obviously because they are really expensive items :) Not bad.

Maybe not too obvious from the picture but it's beef teppanyaki surrounded by some varieties of Tempura. The way you get your teppanyaki is you go up to the teppanyaki counter, choose from a range of raw meat and vegetables then hand it over to the chef who cooks it for you. Our chef overdid it on the butter department but I liked the strong garlic flavour. Tempura wasn't that great I think because I took some cold ones. They fry the tempura continously at the Tempura counter so make sure you get some fresh ones. Oh and there's Soft Shell Crab Tempura.

Some little crabs... utterly tasteless but oh so cute.

There's also a few varieties of soup. We had both Tom Yam and Shark's Fin (yes, really... though we couldn't find any fin in the soup) which was both lacking in taste. Shogun also offers a lot of other stuff that you can't really call Japanese including sweet and sour fish and some varieties of Korean food (kimchi and bulgolgi). Their dessert selection is merely adequate but then again no one is here for their desserts. I did enjoy their ice cream and they had quite a few choices of drinks (green tea, lemonade, soursop, etc...).

Very full oredi... smile oso difficult.

Well it was exactly like I expected... their food was generally acceptable and it's been many years since I've eaten so much. Enjoyable night but I think I'm going to stay away from buffets for another few years.

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10 wise words from our readers:

a golden opinion from Blogger boo_licious

Yeah, I know the feeling as I can probably eat one in a blue moon. So sweet of your gf to surprise you with reservations at Shogun.

3:13 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger cheesecakeerian

Those cheese baked oysters look delish! *dro0ol*

11:07 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Dragon City

gosh...the table so small only ah ??

12:45 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

boo_licious: sweet... i know :)

cheesecakeerian: it would have been even better if they served it fresh from the oven!

dragon city: ur referring to the last picture rite? I went over to her side to get the picture taken... not that small lah... ngam ngam ho.

6:51 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger KampungboyCitygal

Did u try the cubed aloe vera?? I mixed them with the fruit punch and green tea ice cream and they taste real good..And I doubted wat kind of rice they use for their sushi..Those sushis are extremely filling

11:41 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

kampungboycitygal: there were cubed aloe vera???

didn't see any green tea ice cream as well... i did see lots of peppermint ice cream.

8:42 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger MoonCake

Ding .. Dong.. ! Can;t u hear the door bell ??

Wake up, Wake up.. is time to continue to write new thread in your blog...

10:49 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger * Dream Weaver *

Honestly, dont you think that the buffet quite sucked? It didn't taste anything like Jap food and so what about the variety?? it was yucky! Never going again if i can help it.

11:51 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

dream weaver: can't say i disagree :)

8:39 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

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5:14 AM  

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