Sunday, April 16, 2006

Thai Styled Barbeque - Bar B Q Plaza, One Utama New Wing

There's a Fun Food Fiesta over at One Utama this month with over 20 participating outlets. One in particular that caught our interest was for the Bar B Q Plaza which is a Thai franchise which specialises in hot plate barbeques similar to the type you get in many Korean restaurants. They're offering 20% off their set menus which isn't a bad deal at all.

Bar B Q Plaza is located at the Rainforest area so you might not have seen it unless you've walked there. The place was quite packed today but the air ventilation system was great so no worries about getting your clothes stained with the smell of barbequed meat. I'm not sure if they usually do such brisk business or if it's because of the discount.

Here's the entrance. Their venue is actually a lot bigger than the facade will let on.

Supreme Mixed Set. The white noodly things in the middle are udon. I thought they were fish noodles at first because that's what you tend to get in steamboat/barbeque restaurants.

We ordered a Supreme Mixed Set for 2 persons (normal RM29.00, discounted rate is RM23.20) which consists of lots of cabbage, thinly sliced beef, thinly sliced pork, chicken, squids, prawns and bacon. Their meat was fresh enough so no complaints there. However nothing was really spectacular about the taste except for the bacon which were heavenly (we made sure to barbeque them as crispy as we could)!

If you can't figure out the way to cook your meal they do provide guidelines on their paper table liners. Basically it's barbequed meat on the hot plate and soup on the sides. There's no butter/margerine to coat the hot plate's surface. Instead you are provided two sticks of pork lard (which is not something I would normally eat :P).

The set came along with 2 bowls of white rice. You can choose to substitute the white rice with garlic fried rice for RM1.50 per bowl. The garlic fried rice was rich with garlic flavour and I heartily recommend you try it out.

Peanut dipping sauce. You're supposed to add in the garlic, lime and cili padi for an extra kick. Strangely I found the sauce quite tasteless. Adding in the extras didn't help give it any oomph either. Maybe it's the Malaysian in me but I would have really preferred some form of chilli sauce to this.

Their service sucked. Perhaps they were handling a crowd that they are usually not accustomed to. One other really funny thing there is everyone there from the waiters to the boss insists on speaking to me in Cantonese despite the fact that I spoke to them in English. Not that I have a problem with speaking Cantonese. It's just that when someone asks for something in English it's natural to respond with English, that's all.

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3 wise words from our readers:

a golden opinion from Blogger Joan Chew

Wee!!! BBQ plaza is definitely my fav makan place!!

i love their bbq sauce and pork fillet! =)

12:50 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Honey Star

I had my dinner there too. I luv those bacon n pepperoni!! :)

Did u try the squash juices? Super refreshing!!

6:23 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger KampungboyCitygal

The last time i went the set for 2 person is only rm 26 and entitled to 30 percent discount..wat a steal

10:31 AM  

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