Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Affordable Korean - Haeun Khon, Amcorp Mall PJ

If you've always had the itch to try Korean food but don't dare to because you'd rather not make your wallet weep well wAntAn productions has the solution for you! How does a great tasting, reasonably priced and authentically operated by Koreans restaurant sound to you? Great? Head on down to Hauen Khon at the top floor of Amcorp Mall.

Hauen Khon offers very decent meals for prices that are cheaper than what you will find in most other Korean restaurants. Besides from Korean meals they also serve Japanese meals (mostly Teppanyaki stuff) but we didn't try them out... after all we were in a Korean restaurant. We wanted Korean food!!!

As is the standard with Korean restaurants each dish you order is accompanied by some delicious side dishes. I particularly liked the Kimchi side dish. Kimchi by the way is spicy pickled Chinese cabbage.

Kim Chi Soup (RM13.90).

Wow... the Kim Chi Soup was excellent. Spicy and soury at the same time with lots of pickled vegetables. I never thought it could taste this good. I look forward to having this again. Kim Chi may not be suitable for everyone though so if you don't like spicy and soury stuff check out the next dish.

Beef Bulgogi (RM13.90)... please excuse the phone strap :)

Korean food is well known for 2 things... the first is Kimchi and the second is Bulgogi. The Beef Bulgogi came with some tender slices of marinated beef. Read more about Bulgogi here. This dish is the safe choice for initiating people into Korean food :)

Chicken Bulgogi (RM 10.90).

The Chicken Bulgogi is a totally different dish than the Beef Bulgogi. It's not simply the different meat... I believe it's marinated with different ingredients as well because it taste very different from the Beef Bulgogi. If you can take beef I recommend the beef version over the chicken version. Otherwise the Chicken Bulgogi is a decent choice... but not as good as the Beef!

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9 wise words from our readers:

a golden opinion from Blogger boo_licious

I've heard good things abt this place but somehow we never ended up eating here. Did you try the Eden cafe downstairs? It was packed when it first opened. Wonder if it was becoz they had promos.

9:31 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger KY

interesting, gotta try that soon.

10:46 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

boo_licious: Is Eden right at the entrance? It was pretty empty the few times I've been to Amcorp Mall.

9:44 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wmw

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my blog. There's a new Korean restaurant in Damansara Perdana (opposite Friendster Cafe) called Winter Sonata Cafe(I'll be posting on it soon). The Kimchi chigae is ok, best is still the one fr Amcorp Mall!. But the Bulgogi set was not bad. All set lunch at RM15. Will try going there at night, lots of candles, seems romantic! ;o)It's open till 12midnight!

12:13 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

wmw: I'm not familiar with the area but I'll try it out if I can find it :P

8:03 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Seymour Cakes

Unbelieable, all the way to Amcorp Mall ah.

9:20 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

seymour cakes: it's not that far what!

9:45 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger boo_licious

Yeah, Eden is in front - I was at Amcorp when they first opened. It was super packed but then we suspect it was due to promos.

11:34 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger suria rahim

Eden Cafe? It's pretty good... they've just introduced a new menu. I strongly recommend their Nasi Tomato and Homemade Burger...oh yes, and that Choc-O-Mocha Shake as well!

9:30 PM  

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