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My Favourite Fish Head Noodles

boo_licious from masak-masak recently wrote about a restaurant that sold Fish Head Noodles in a style that I thought was unique to this particular restaurant I frequent. I've actually written about them before but I guess they deserve another look :)

First of all despite having come here for many years I still don't know what this place is named... come to think of it I'm not sure if they even have a proper name. As for me and ST we usually just call it the "Yee Tau Mai" (lit. Fish Head Noodles) place because it's the only Fish Head Noodles that we care about :)

What's unique about their Fish Head Noodles is that they are cooked and served in claypots. Even more special is the type of noodles they serve. They use really thick rice vermicelli (meehoon). The common thin rice vermicelli tends to absorb the soup and become soggy quickly. No such problem with the thick ones. They help retain the flavour of the soup and let me tell you what a great soup it is!

Fish Head Noodles are basically based off what the Cantonese call Ham Choy Tong which means Salted Vegetable Soup. You can find Fish Head Noodles in many places in Malaysia but it's a little more special in KL because they add evaporated milk to the soup.

The ingredients put into the soup are quite extraordinary beginning with the sweet fried fish. I don't know how they marinate the fish but it's really great. It's sweet and crunchy (although it will become soggy after being in the soup for too long). Besides the fish they also put in lots of the aforementioned salted vegetables, cabbages, tomatoes, bean curd sheets (foo chook), fish balls, lala and even yam slices. All this makes for a very rich and delicious soup.

Fish Head Noodles, serves 2 (approximately RM10.00).

This place is located at Jalan Tiong Nam near the Chow Kit area. Travel along Jalan Raja Laut until you see a bus stop on your left (it's the second or third bus stop along the road I think). There should be a turning on your left immediately after the bus stop. Once you have turned you should be able to see the stall ahead of you. It's located right at the end of the daily morning market.

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a golden opinion from Blogger KY


10:28 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger earl-ku

yeah, its cheap, its actually bout RM4 per person rite, your Rm10 bill was inclusive of drinks rite

they have tons and tons of ingredients in it ... the cook is said to be hired from China, thats what i heard from my aunt who frequents the place, haven tried their tomyam though ...

2:56 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

earl-ku: actually i used the words approximate RM10.00 because they sometimes charge me RM10.00 and sometimes less... it's a little bit of a mystery for me :P

are you sure they have tomyam? maybe we're talking about a different place.

7:10 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Msian Food Lover in London

The tea is in the house, they charge based on per head ordered, you can order 4 person when there are 5 people, as the portion is quite big, and it'll be RM5*4 = RM20. The bizarre thing is sometimes they charge 50cents more on weekends.
Anyway, as a die hard fan there, i'm quite sure they dun serve tomyam, and it's unlikely that they hire the cook, it looks like a family run place to me. My office was near there, used to pester my colleagues to go there with me for lunch, but the place is quite hot during lunch due to the zinc roof.
Anyway, since I'm in London now, I can only look at the picture and try to remember the taste, :(
This is the best fish head noodles I've ever tried; there is one in taman desa (I think it's a branch from connaught), which is very famous and crowded, but not as nice. For the sake of experience, u should probably try it

8:07 AM  

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