Monday, July 03, 2006

Santa Chapati House

Continuing the series on good food places near my office in KL town wAntAn productions now brings you to Santa Chapati House for what else but Chapati. I've lived in KL all my life so I know a little bit about Indian food but my colleagues who originate from other states didn't. In fact I found it surprising that I knew so much more about Indian food than them. So for those people who think Indian food is limited to Roti Canai this article's for you!

According to the Wikipedia, Chapati is an Indian bread made from the dough of Atta Flour which is whole grain Durum Wheat. Durum sounded very familiar to me so I looked it up and hey whaddaya know? Durum is a common ingredient in Italian pastas but that's besides the point.

Chapati is different from your typical Roti Canai. For starters it's a lot harder and a hell of a lot less oily. Like Roti Canai, Chapati goes very well with Indian curries. Unlike Roti Canai, Chapati is a great accompaniment to meat and vegetable dishes. Think of it as a rice replacement.

Freshly made chapatis!

Santa Curry House serves freshly made chapatis and a good spread of dishes to accompany the chapati. The vegetable and meat dishes are typical of those you find in Indian or Mamak restaurants.

Curries, meat and vegetables!

My lunch: Chapati with some spiced vegetables, a bowl of dahl curry and some yummy yummy curry mutton.

The curry mutton was quite decent and there were no complaints from my colleagues so I can safely recommend this restaurant. Do try them out if you are in the area. It's located along Jalan Tun HS Lee nearby the St. John's Cathedral. Do try out their Samosas (triangular "popiah" with potato, onion and green pea stuffing) as well. I quite liked it.

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a golden opinion from Anonymous nawooz

if u want good thosai (plain or masala - stuffed with yummy potatoes) then go to Avee's. It's the row of shoplots behind the Pasar Seni Putra LRT stop. It's the row of shoplots near to Klang Bus stattion.

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