Monday, July 24, 2006

Soong Kee, Beef Ball Noodles

Soong Kee is one of those stalls that have been in operation for so long you think they've been around forever. This restaurant is forever immortalised for me as the "Dirty Beef Noodle" place because that's what people in my high school used to call it. While I may still think of it as the "Dirty Beef Noodle" place it's anything but because they cleaned up, renovated and even installed air conditioners a few years back. Nowadays Soong Kee is a clean and comfortable place to eat (though it's a little packed).

Air conditioned goodness.

Soong Kee is famous for their Beef Ball Noodles. Besides from Beef Balls they also serve a variety of beef products including Minced Beef, Beef Tripe and simply Beef :) What happens is you order a bowl of noodles and what you want to come with it. I'm not adventerous with my meats so I ordered the safe choice of Beef Ball Noodles. You can add stuff to your bowl of noodles as well. Say for example extra Minced Beef or extra Beef Balls.

Kuey Teow Noodles with Minced Beef and a bowl of Beef Balls.

Every noodle order is defaulted to Wan Tan Noodles with Minced Beef so if you want something different you need to tell your waiter. I was in the mood for Kuey Teow that day and I was not disappointed. Their Minced Beef is pretty darn good. Mix well with the noodles before eating. I found the texture of the Beef Balls to be excellent but taste wise it was a little wanting. I'd definitely come back again sometime.

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a golden opinion from Blogger Jackson

too bad i can't take beef

2:53 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous earl-ku

this is family friend, just came back from there during lunch just now ...

yeah if you dont take beef you can have the pork mince too, but i dont think they will substitute the beef balls ... hey its doesnt taste like beef at all...

and for the beef tripe and so on, its exp, like RM5 for the small one and RM7 for the big one ... or u can just order the tender beef slices ...

besides the wantan mee like, u can get the lor shu fun also ... their lor shu fun is very nice, unlike the one u eat outside, like the claypot lor shu fun in Petaling St, those has a weird smell to it, this wan is fabulous ...

4:57 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous earl-ku

yeah and i rememebred back then it was small and dilapidated, with the bus passing by there ... u get extra stuff in the noodle, thats dust ... haha

4:58 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

earl-ku: lol... i think there were also lots of rats scurrying around the shop back then.

7:02 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous earl-ku

rats err no, lucky me, back then i only sit at the place where they do the cooking ...

but hey if you are kl'lite you will know that the best food are at the dirtiest place ... haha, but no la, not all place are dirty rite now, but the dirtiest one kl would be the hokkien mee in between central market and kota raya, the one who cooks on charcoal wan ...

6:07 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

earl-ku: i know that hokkien mee place... that's definitely a place to avoid after rain unless you enjoy filthy puddles.

10:27 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger tekko

There are few other famous beef noodles around KL / Selangor area, I dare not say this is not the best, but it just can't make me "addicted" to it. Dinner time will not so pack, so try consider to have dinner there for those wanted to try.

11:43 AM  

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