Saturday, August 12, 2006

Really Nice Lala at Restoran Boston Baru, Klang Town

Yesterday I rushed off from work and headed straight away to the Putra LRT where I spent half an hour acting as a human sardine along with a few hundred other passengers in the can we conventionally call a train until I got off at the Kelana Jaya station to meet ST. Why the rush? ST and her colleagues were going to Klang for seafood and I was invited!

Her colleague Ken drove us there in his white Kelisa and the guy was driving close to 160km/h... ermm... actually it was because his speedometer was broken and highly inaccurate :) He was probably driving at 80 or thereabouts. A short while later we arrived at our destination but I couldn't quite believe we had arrived. I imagined we were going to some famous seafood restaurant for dinner but as it turned out our destination was a small restaurant operating from a cramped coffeeshop with a funny name located in the middle of Klang town (it's right opposite Kamdar).

Boston Baru???

We arrived at about 7.30pm and the place was getting really packed. In fact we had to sit at tables across the street from the restaurant. So this guy came up to take our orders. He told us all the food names in broken Hokkien and spoke little of other languages. We ended up taking a long time to order. Ken ordered some of their signature dishes followed by some recommendations from our waiter. This is definitely a popular place to eat with the locals which wasn't very good for us because we had to wait very long to get our food served and everytime we asked a waiter about our food they would just laugh it off!

Tapioca Noodles and Steamed Lala.

Having waited so long we were glad that our food finally arrived. The Steamed Lala was heavenly although the lalas were rather smallish. The lala is steamed with Chinese cooking wine with ginger strips and a healthy dose of crunchy fried garlic. It's the garlic that makes this dish so wonderful.

Another recommendation is the Tapioca Noodles you see in the background of the picture. I believe this is a uniquely Hokkien noodle. Thick noodles made from tapioca flour and cooked ala Hokkien Char (Fried Hokkien Noodle style). The noodles were quite unique. The texture was a little springy and the taste is very different from the usual yellow noodles.

Fried Beehoon (Rice Vermicelli) with Deep Fried Mantis Prawns.

Lots of Mantis Prawns. So much that you can't actually see the beehoon at the bottom. However taste wise this dish was not great. Somehow the Mantis Prawns and the beehoon does not mix and match well with each other.

Sam Sin (Three Seafood Mix).

Sam Sin is a hotplate dish with three types of seafood namely fish, prawns and squid cooked in a soury and spicy sauce similar to that you find commonly cooked with crabs. It was nice but not spectacular.

Boston Baru's food is a hit and miss affair. I was very impressed by their lala but the rest were just so so. There were seven of us that night. In addition to the dishes featured we also ordered a vegetable dish plus Chinese tea. The total damage that night was RM94.50. They are open from about 7pm onwards till late night.

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4 wise words from our readers:

a golden opinion from Blogger cookies_cream

Arr~~~Tapioca noodle, lala, mantis prawn....all my favourites~~ :'( You are making me so hungry early in the morning..

8:41 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger boo_licious

the lala looks very good. Now I know, I must add lots and lots of fried garlic the next time I make my seong tong lala.

10:29 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

this place is very untidy and dirty, most waiters are illegal foreign, no health take your risks.


6:20 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

anonymous: Is it? Well eat at your own discretion!

8:36 AM  

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