Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spices Restaurant and Wine Bar at Concorde Hotel

Last month we were able to snag a free meal at Concorde Hotel in KL thanks to my mother in law. Myself, ST and mother in law were invited to Spices Restaurant and Wine Bar, Concorde Hotel's poolside restaurant where we were treated to an incredible western/fusion styled dinner.

We didn't order the dishes ourself. Instead the person who invited us made the selection. He's a Concorde staff by the way and he sure knew what to order.

The meal started off with the appetizers. Everyone got a plate of the fusion sushi (below) and a selection of buns with a small bowl of cheese and another small bowl of olive oil + vinegar.

Spices at Concorde Hotel
The Appetizer. It's some kind of fusion sushi. Instead of seaweed it's wrapped using some kind of vegetable. The filling consists of salmon and other ingredients that I couldn't really recognise. Super delightful stuff.

And then each of us were served starters.

Spices at Concorde Hotel
Caesar's salad with enormous strips of smoked chicken. I'm not a salad person but I really loved this dish. The chicken was delicious and the salad was packed with grated cheese (not too much, just enough) which made it quite a bit tastier than your usual salad.

Spices at Concorde Hotel
Another salad (not sure what it's called, probably Garden Salad). A little similar to the Caesar's salad above only without the chicken but made with some imported vegetables (that's what mother in law said).

Spices at Concorde Hotel
Soft shelled crab!!! I think most of us know how this tastes like. It was good :)

Next came the soup.

Spices at Concorde Hotel
Mushroom soup. Open up the pastry and you find thick mushroom soup inside. Good stuff.

By this time we were already full but the main courses had yet to arrive!

Spices at Concorde Hotel
Picture is a little blurry but it's mother in law's main course; grilled pomfret with scallops.

Spices at Concorde Hotel
Linguine (or was it fettucine) alfredo with huge prawns.

Spices at Concorde Hotel
Every time you see prawns in this restaurant, they're at least this big!

Spices at Concorde Hotel
My main course. Something I've always wanted to try; Wagyu beef. Wagyu beef is said to be given massages and fed beer to improve its taste. The thin stips of Wagyu beef is seared while being wrapped around some enoki mushrooms. It was quite an experience... but not because I found it exceedingly great :) It was different... not the usual beefy taste you have come to expect. In fact it's a little flat. I was expecting something much beefier and maybe a little bitter (due to the beer!).

At this stage we were more than full but there were still desserts!

Spices at Concorde Hotel
Looks like a scone. It went really well with the scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Spices at Concorde Hotel
Honeydew flavoured custard. I liked this.

Spices at Concorde Hotel
A slice of Chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The chocolate cake was sufficiently rich.

Spices Restaurant and Wine Bar in Concorde Hotel, KL serves up great food but they are not cheap. You could easily spend RM100 per person here. I may be coming back here soon because I've got some vouchers to spend here :)

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a golden opinion from Blogger Coketai

First food blog since the very very last one 4 months ago! Welcom back!


1:55 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

Glad to be back :)

7:34 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

u got the potential to be the next best food blog....keep it up...

but don like 1 month only 1 post that also don know when i should visit your blog lor..kekekek

5:56 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

anonymous: believe it or not i actually tried being a good food blogger once but i gave up because my hits never increased :)

now i don't let it pressure me thus the reason i don't blog much anymore.

11:13 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger mIñgHân

i wan the voucher !!

9:14 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

minghan: no way!!!!!

7:28 AM  

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