Monday, March 24, 2008

Rakuzen, Hartamas Shopping Center

Another outdated post as usual. 26th February is me and ST's anniversary. It's the day we became a couple. Every year we'll celebrate this occasion with a nice dinner only this year we have someone else tagging along...

Rakuzen, Hartamas Shopping Center
Who else but Kit Yi?

As is usually the case we ordered the sets because it makes the choices easy :)

Rakuzen, Hartamas Shopping Center
Unagi and Sashimi Set (RM 48.00)

Wow. The Unagi was extremely flavorful thanks to the generous amount of sweet teriyaki sauce. This set also comes along with some sashimi. This set is a little expensive but it's truly the best unagi I have tasted so far. Oishiii!

Rakuzen, Hartamas Shopping Center
Yakiniku (Beef) and Sushi Set (RM 45.00)

This set was pretty good as well. I prefer sushi to sashimi so if I return I'll order the sets with sushi instead. I must say the side dishes are quite nice as well. I usually don't like miso soup but the one I was served was nice. Not all salty like the usual ones I get. Even the chawan mushi (steamed eggs) were good.

Rakuzen, Hartamas Shopping Center
Kushiyaki Mori (a.k.a Skewer Grilled stuff RM 32.00)

We also ordered an additional serving of Kushiyaki Mori which is basically a selection of skewer grilled stuff. This was a big disappointment. Firstly there's nothing great about it. Secondly the prawn was undercooked and not too fresh making the inside all mushy. Thirdly, skewer grilled chillies? Hehe... I don't quite understand the appeal in that.

It was a pretty enjoyable meal despite the disappointing Kushiyaki Mori. One advise about eating here. Make sure you make reservations because they're packed even on weekdays! We had to wait half an hour to get a place.

Japanese Ice Creams!
Japanese Ice Creams for Dessert (RM 5.90 each, buy 5 free 1)

There's a shop next door to Rakuzen that sells a lot of Japanese junk food. We bought some Japanese ice creams home for desert. Rakuzen sells you the same thing for slightly more than what you can buy outside. They're all good but I think the honey and green tea one is the best!

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4 wise words from our readers:

a golden opinion from Blogger Iced Nyior

your baby is so adorable!

12:40 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger KY

yea baby damn cute.

I frequent the ss15 rakuzen quite a bit.

1:54 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger mimi

2 of you eat so much? Btw the set is quite worth....many dishes :)

11:24 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Wye Jon

iced nyior: thanks :)

ky: the ss15 branch seems to be the best regarded one.

mimi: hehe... if wife cannot finish i sure can!

9:44 AM  

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