Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sushi Zanmai, One Utama New Wing

Yesterday was ST's birthday. Happy birthday my darling wife. I spent many days thinking of where to bring her for dinner but neither one of us could come to a conclusion so we decided to just wing it. We went to One Utama for some shopping (a little more about that later) and to have dinner there after that.

We went over to the information counter, picked up a brochure and browsed over to the restaurants section. Nothing really piqued our interests so we decided to leave the decision till it was time to eat.

When dinner time came, we somehow ended up at Sushi Zanmai. I hesitated a little. Sushi Zanmai looked like a glorified Sushi King. Not the kind of place I wanted to bring my wife for her birthday dinner. Alas, we didn't have anyplace better to go so in we went.

Kit Yi and ST, gone are the days where we can go out as just a couple :)

Wet Tissue RM0.20

Yes, wet tissues are 20 cents each. It's even listed on the receipt. Not sure if this is considered cheap or not.

Chawanmushi (steamed eggs) RM4.80

Not bad. Comes with the usual stuff; some enoki mushrooms, a single prawn and one of those red and white naruto thingamagigs.

Unadon (eel rice bowl) RM15.80

Pretty decent bowl of teriyaki laced eel with rice. ST had a craving for this and I think she was satisfied.

Fruit Rainbow Roll RM12.80

Special for the day. I wouldn't order this again. It's basically sushi with fruit instead of raw fish. Comes with thin slices of strawberry, peach and one other green coloured fruit (don't remember what it was). They had some crunchy stuff in the middle. Felt a little like eating popiah. The fruits weren't particularly sweet so the whole sushi felt really flat.

Sukiyaki RM15.80

The sukiyaki was damned good. I liked the fact that it came with slices of raw beef so that you can play shabu-shabu with it (three dips is all it takes). The soup was full stuff I liked; mostly enoki mushrooms and an assortment of vegetables. It came with a raw egg which you could cook however you liked. Also the soy sauce soup base was pretty sweet. Best of all were the beef slices which had a real beefy kick to it.

a closer look at the Sukiyaki

So if anyone wondered what I bought my wife for her birthday, it was some cosmetic products. At the cosmetics counter I heard my wife said it was "bak gei man" (hundred plus in Cantonese) and I thought that was a decent price for a gift so I immediately offered to pay for it. She added some other cosmetics stuff which was "sam bak gei man" (three hundred plus), which I thought was still within reason.

At the cashier, I made a startling discovery. I misheard ST, she didn't say "bak gei man" instead it was "bat bak gei man"!!! Ouch! Don't know Cantonese? It means eight hundred plus! Shock!!! Horror!!!. Oh well, as long as she's happy. The second pregnancy has been hard on her complexion. I hope those Estee Lauder stuff really work.

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