Saturday, June 13, 2009

All You Can Eat Pasta @ Secret of Louisiana, Plaza Kelana Jaya

"All you can eat pasta for RM12.90"... I've been hearing these words for many weeks. Why? Because it's become a routine for ST and her colleagues to eat here every other week. So where's this wonderful magical place that offers such a great deal and what's the catch?

The answers in short are; "Secret of Louisiana" and not much.

ST and Kit Yi

I've been wanting to come here for some time simply because I find it difficult to believe that there's such an offer. Furthermore ST told me that the pasta is quite decent and when she says it is then chances are it is.

The Menu

See caption at the bottom "Order the SECOND and THIRD, WE DARE YOU...". Hehehe... seriously how to they make a profit with this?

Now how does this offer work? Simple, there are 6 different choices of pasta that you can pick (though I hear #6 is merely the vegetarian version of #5). You can order from those 6 choices as many times as you can eat them in succession. That is to say, finish one pasta, order another. Simple! Now they also serve you a cup of tea and a scoop of ice cream when you are done with your meal (none of which are refillable of course). Sounds like a good deal? It is.


Chicken Smoked Sausage Pasta

Cabonara Chicken Pasta

Beef Bolognese Pasta

Chicken Stir Fried Spaghetti

Single Scoop Ice Cream

We didn't try every variety. Since ST had been there several times she recommended some of the better ones. Personally I stopped after pasta #3.

So was the pasta any good? Well I'd say they were decent. Don't expect too much for RM12.90. They are all very basic dishes but for the price you pay there's no reason to complain. My personal favourite (as it usually is) is the pasta carbonara. Well worth trying out.

I think I might come back some time later to try their actual menu (Cajun food!). Oh and I noticed their set lunches are very decently priced as well so that's probably worth checking out.

Getting here is a little tricky. Basically you need to be on the LDP in the Kelana Jaya area heading towards Damansara. You will see the Customs building on your right. Immediately after that you need to make a left turn before the now defunct Kelana Seafood Center. It's a very small turning, blink and you'll definitely miss it.

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