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Ramly Burger Review - Ana Burger @ Kemensah Heights

My favourite food blogger of all time wrote about this place a few weeks back and me being a big big fan of the humble Ramly Burger had to try this out.

This burger stall is located in the middle of nowhere. They set it up along a lonely road in a quiet housing estate behind the National Zoo. There are no other shops in the area and most shocking of all, there's no 7-11 in sight! How can this possibly be? A Ramly burger stall without an accompanying 7-11 stall?!!! Unthinkable. Where else would I get my bottle of Coke from?

Anyway I digress. The thing about Ramly burgers are that they all use the same basic ingredients (the meat in particular comes from the same supplier; Ramly of course). They all have more or less the same basic way of cooking the burgers but I've tasted Ramly burgers ranging from the absolutely terrible to the very good. It's all in the execution and the special ingredients.

Note: avoid all Ramly burgers sold at petrol stations and hypermarkets unless you enjoy eating cardboard.

Note: avoid all Ramly burgers made by foreigners. I tried this once and was traumatised for weeks.

The humble Burger Ayam Special (chicken patty wrapped with a piece of fried egg, RM3.00)

A slice of green apple

So this little stall's gimmick is the green apple and some special burgers like the Burger Kawen (sic) and the Burger Dingdong (which is a benjo with meat, instead of the wrapped egg thing).

Taste wise the burger is in the good range of Burger Ramlys. You know what to expect. The usual sauce smothered patty with a bunch of shredded vegetables. Nothing too special actually. Not as good as my favourite Ramly burger stall which I'll probably review one of these days.

This place is well worth a try if you live nearby. Otherwise I wouldn't recommend it.

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masak-masak: Green Patty Love - Ana Burger @ Kemensah Heights, Kuala Lumpur

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