Monday, August 17, 2009

Babu Taiwan Cuisine @ Desa Sri Hartamas

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon... we were late for lunch and were left without much choices. At 3pm, most places are closed only to reopen in the evening. We were in the Hartamas area searching for some bento. No luck, all closed so I drove around a little bit and found this place.

Babu Taiwan Cuisine. If not for the word Taiwan in it's name one would probably think it's an Indian restaurant (I've met a few Babus). As far as I can tell this place is 100% Taiwanese. I also kinda suspect that the waitress/only person in the shop front is Taiwanese since she doesn't speak Cantonese (very un-KL like).

My dear ST's new hairstyle and Kit Yi being uncooperative. Don't you think they look so much alike?

Pearl Milk Tea (RM6.00) and Honey Lemon (RM8.00)

I have a great love for Pearl Milk Tea. I think it's the greatest thing that has come out of Taiwan. Needless to say I enjoyed this very much. It would have been even better if they did flavours. Peppermint Pearl Milk Tea is the bestest drink ever!

Pork Chop Set Lunch (RM10.90)

ST had this. It was decent.

Beef Noodles (RM12.00)

Another one of my great loves. Beef Noodles. I think Babu's beef noodles are pretty good. The beef especially was very well done The soup is good in the sense that it doesn't overpower the beef and the ramen type noodles are a great complement to the whole dish. I also like the salted vegetables that came along with the noodles.


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