Friday, August 14, 2009

Hai Yew Heng the Tanjung Sepat Pau place

There aren't that many attractions in Tanjung Sepat. After all it's but a small village. However one of the things that's most talked about is the pau place. I personally did not try any of the paus here but I heard from a local that they have become so commercialised that they compromised on their quality so they aren't nearly as good as they used to be.

The paus aren't exactly expensive though (if you're from KL), so if you're in the area you should probably check them out. Let me know if they were any good :)

The fat dude from HK was here.

Jason was here too. Click for a larger picture. Easier to read the prices.

Paus galore! The odd thing is the paus are not in a steamer. I guess if you want to eat your pau there and then you should drop by their old shop.

This is their new shopfront, which is directly opposite their old one. The new place is air-conditioned.

You need to click on the eating utensils!! View wAntAn productions map in a larger map

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a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

being directed by my friend to here.

sorry just wanna be an Anonymous.

i agree with the local.

Their 1980s Pau are the best.


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