Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Restoran Soo Kee, best Char Siew in Ampang

The best char siew place I know is in this kinda run down place in Ampang called Soo Kee. Unfortunately, since I've never bothered to try the other famous char siew places I can't provide any comparisons.

The beat up signage

Soo Kee is located on Jalan Ampang, quite nearby Ampang Point (refer to the map below). If you're coming from KLCC towards Ampang Point, there's a flyover right before Ampang Point. Don't go up the flyover, instead take the U-turn beneath it. Soo Kee will be on your left shortly.

Without a doubt the best Char Siew in Ampang

The char siew of course is the star of the show. Its got its crispy bits, its got its lean bits and its got its terrific melt in your mouth fat bits. Seriously now, how many char siew places you know have melt in your mouth texture? I'm thinking not that many.

Some pretty good smooth white chicken

Despite what it may look like from the food in this review, this place is more than just a char siew and various cut meat place. They also cook to order and they serve a variety of noodles.

We approve this message!

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