Monday, October 10, 2005

Veggie Burger: I'm lovin' it!

It would seem McDonalds is really pushing a rebranding agenda. When you think of McDonalds you tend to think of unhealthy fattening burgers, soft drinks and salty, oily fries. But then again who cares right? They do taste pretty good and it's a small miracle that McDonalds are consistently good whichever country you go to. Yes I really do enjoy eating at McDonalds but not in excess though. The stomach growls for a Big Mac once in a while and I can't help but obey.

Anyway as I wrote earlier, McDonalds is pushing a rebranding agenda. They now want to be known as a healthy fast food joint. McDonalds Malaysia dipped their feet in the water with the Chicken Foldover (yummy garlic sauce) and now they introduce their newest in health(ier)y fast food, the Veggie Burger.

Lot's of lettuce... just the way I like it.

Look at that pattie... there's no meat there!

What's in the pattie? According to the website there's "
wholesome corn, capsicum, carrots, potatoes and peas. Garnished with fresh lettuce and tomato and topped with special sauce." Seriously good stuff. Think currypuff and you get a feel of how it will taste.

Along with the Chicken Burger and the Double Cheeseburger you can now get your Veggie Burger for RM2.50. I wonder if this burger will become a staple on the menu.

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a golden opinion from Blogger Dragon City

Just tried it today. Really not bad..better than big mac.
And welcome back to Dua Hari Lambat !! haha

10:45 PM  

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