Sunday, December 14, 2008

I was at PC Fair 2008 in KLCC

I bought myself a Maxtor 2.5" 500GB external hdd for RM399 which I think is quite a steal considering the other brands that I saw (i.e. Seagate & Buffalo) were going for RM30 to RM40 more. As usual with PC Fair it's a good place to buy individual hardware. For stuff like notebooks it's probably not going to be any cheaper than it usually is but they usually throw in some freebies.

I also did something I didn't think I would ever do today, I brought my DSLR along and took a few pictures of the brand ambassadors. I didn't bring my flash along (it's still with the Nikon SC, but I didn't need it anyway) so every picture you see is naturally lit. Of course the decent high ISO performance of the D90 helps... plus a little photoshop magic :) But still I made a few mistakes taking the photos that I shouldn't have. Enjoy some of the better pictures I took. You can view some other pics in my pictureblog here.

This photo was taken from within the convention center. For those who don't know the convention center is detached from the KLCC twin towers. The two locations are connected by a tunnel. I've always felt that walking through the tunnel was quite a task. Now I know why, it's not that near after all.

Acer girls were the best, IMHO.

Don't remember where she was from.

IIRC she's from the Olympus booth.

Obviously she's working for Nvidia.

The last day of PC fair is today so if you have anything to grab don't miss it :) I wonder if they still have those last day / last minute bargains.

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