Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Genting Highlands on Valentines Day

Siew Toh was going through wAntAn productions and she asked me how come I didn't post any pictures of the short trip we had to Genting Highlands on Valentines Day? Well... here it is, darling :)

We reached Genting at around midnite on the 14th of February. Even though it was supposed to be a working day the very next morning there was a sea of people up in the old mountain top resort or as the old Chinese saying goes; "People mountain, people sea". I guess we were not the only ones who figured to take Monday off for an extended holiday.

Some Chinese New Year decoration in one of the hotels.

We had a Valentines Combo in Baskin Robbins ( Yes! Ice cream in a cold place is great :P ). Startbucks and Coffee Bean were open as well. I guess they are 24 hour establishments.

The Eiffel Tower in the indoor theme park.

The Statue of Liberty riding a Harley Davidson in the indoor theme park.

Cute little display for Chinese New Year.

There was a button you could press to activate the display. The figures would sway their heads to music.

Another Chinese New Year decoration in one of the hotels.

There were a few other photos I did not post up because I didn't want to show you people how terrible I am at taking photos :D

p.s. In case anyone's wondering we lost a total of RM10 to Uncle Lim Goh Tong in his casinos.

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