Monday, December 12, 2005

An afternoon in Sentul West

Sentul West is a beautiful place. I mentioned in my previous blog entry that Sentul West is a high class residential property development by YTL Group. Well at least that's what I think it is... cause I didn't see any homes when I went it. Maybe they're not up yet. Regardless what's already there is the KL Performing Arts Center, Sentul Park (with it's own little lake), a Koi farm and Yuritei Japanese Restaurant.

It's worth going in just to pose for a few photos. In fact when me and ST were there that day almost everyone we saw there had a camera :)

There are a few ponds in the vicinity... great thing is that they're all well maintained. Look at that huge filter thingamajig at the back.

These are big ass carps. I bet they cost thousands of ringgit each. I've got a feeling that KY fella might have a good time here.

This samurai armour is located inside a Japanese hut which I guess the people who sell the carps use as an office. It wasn't open that day so I took this picture through a window hence the flash reflection you see on the right.

They have some Zen rock garden thing going on too. What's missing are the raked lines. Maybe they didn't have enough money to hire a Buddhist monk ;)

Playing around with the macro zoom to capture an image of ants hard at work. What's that they're carrying?

Not sure if you can make that out but that's a sofa made of steel wires.

And here are sofas made of stone!

Here's KLPAC. I like the wines that creep downwards from the building.

The entrance to KLPAC.

They have a few abandoned/ruined factories in the area. Worthy of some photography if you're interested. This one here is undergoing some restoration work. Not sure what they plan to do with it.

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4 wise words from our readers:

a golden opinion from Blogger KY

been wanting to go to that place for a while. still haven't found the time and the location. hehe.

nice write up

7:47 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Shanker

sentul west!!! used to live across that area!!! never knew that there was so much development inside the area. the field was where i used to play football too... darn. miss those times and it was only a few years ago.

12:45 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

ky: it's along jalan ipoh... very easy to spot. Nearby the HSBC bank though on the opposite side of the road.

shan: yeah... YTL is an incredible developer. The field is still there... not sure if they still allow ppl to play there though.

1:41 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Thai Boxing Girl

hey there, nice write up....well drop me a note if you would like me to keep you updated with the happenings in sentul park as well as KLPac :)


1:46 PM  

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