Sunday, April 16, 2006

Delicious Pies - King Pie, One Utama

Oh gosh... this place really lives up to their name. Whether it means the king of pies or pies fit for a king is rather irrelavent to me because I just take it to mean great pies.

I was in One Utama today to catch Ice Age 2 with ST and we were looking for a pre-movie snack. She had seen a King Pie ad in the papers and I've been aware of King Pie since they opened their first branch here at KLCC although I've never tried them because they didn't look that appealing. But then masak-masak put in a really good word for them and heck, boo is seldom wrong.

The King Pie store in One Utama is located directly opposite Laksa Shack and I think they probably just opened today because the owners were hanging around the shop facade and I saw them greeting a few friends/relatives.

Salami and cheese pie.

Chicken and mushroom pie.

We had a Salami and Cheese pie and a Chicken and Mushroom pie. Both were good but I think the Salami and Cheese pie was standout yummy. Eaten hot the cheese was warm and gooey and really tasty. I guess the same can be said about all their cheese pies since they probably use the same cheese. I think the pies would taste very different if you don't eat them fresh from the owen/warmer so make sure you eat them right after you purchase them.

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a golden opinion from Blogger boo_licious

Yeah, King Pie just opened at 1U that weekend per the ad in Friday's Star Metro. Glad you like the pies - the cheese looks yummy and yeah, pies must be taken piping hot to be delicious.

Is it a sit down restaurant becoz we notice this one is called King Pie Gourmet vs the others which are known as King Pie 2 Go?

3:01 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

boo_licious: There are about 5 chairs placed at the side of the restaurant bar style so I wouldn't say it's "sit down". Best choice is still to take away :)

7:07 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Dragon City

chicken and mushroom pie?? my fav!! must go try next week... All this while, i always goes for curry puff at IKEA...

11:04 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Izad

Hey, I'm really glad you enjoyed the Salami and Cheese pie cause personally, it's my favourite from this franchise! But don't be fooled though, the cheeseburger pie is actually filled with an actual burger patty, not with cheese as I had originally imagined :)

8:40 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

How come no one try the Old Chang Kee Curry puff is just few doors away from King Pie and the Curry Puff there is so much better then IKEA ..

7:23 PM  

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