Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Kamikaze Girls (Shimotsuma Monogatari, 下妻物語)

Ichiko (Anna Tsuchiya) and Momoko (Kyoko Fukada) are practitioners the (unique to Japan) Yankee and Lolita trends respectively.

I love watching movies that are whacky and irrelevant so it would hardly come as a surprise that I love Kamikaze Girls. It's a movie adapted from a book and stars popular TV actress Kyoko Fukada and a J-pop idol I'm not familiar with called Anna Tsuchiya (but then again I haven't kept up with J-pop since the turn of the century). If you feel Anna looks a little odd that's because she's half American.

The story for this movie is so shallow I'm having trouble padding the sypnosis. Basically it's about the life of Momoko a loner who's devoted to living a life of a lolita (it's more of a fashion trend than anything) and how her encounter with a wild biker chick changes both their lifes for the better. Of course this is Japan so a biker chick can mean a chick on a scooter and what a scooter it is... with a 4 foot tall plexiglass seat and an extended facade.

Look at that scooter... it's freaking ridiculous. It's so menacing... and pink. When your bike gang is named Poney Tail I guess it's not too surprising.

The story really sucks but luckily we're too distracted by the general silliness of the movie to notice. In fact this movie is as faithful a live action adaption can be for a seriously whacky anime that does not exist. Watch the movie and you will find many stereotypical anime characters... the no good father with very thin eyebrows, the childish but skilled grandma and even the cool guy with the ridiculously hairstyle.

There's an actual name for this hairstyle; the pompadour... an extreme version of the hairstyle made famous by James Dean.

I watched this movie some time ago and my memory of it is starting to fade which proves that the movie will not leave a lasting impression but the hour and half that I invested into it was not wasted. It was fun, fun, fun while it lasted and one day I'll probably pick it up to watch again.

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a golden opinion from Blogger Nat Usagi

Girls who appreciate the lolita style and the Japanese fashion scene, usually love this movie and the author of it: Novala Takemoto, that also is a fashion designer of the brand Baby The Stars Shine Bright… you HAS to be passionate for fashion, mainly the lolita fashion to understand this film. It is for a specific public, as you can see.


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