Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pics Only: Sepang Gold Coast

I went for a trip to Sepang yesterday for good and cheap seafood (food blog coming up tomorrow). Along the way we took a detour to the Sepang Gold Coast to take a look.

We drove in a convoy of 3 Perodua Myvis. I had the chance to drive one. It was a very impressive car. Surprisingly powerful and takes corners rather well. Looks like I've found my next car.

Contrast: Sepang Gold Coast is a new development along Bagan Lalang. This picture shows piling work carried out on the beach. They are building villas on stilts here to be arranged in the shape of a palm tree (like in Dubai).


Unidentified couple.

Miniature crab.

Trees, beach, sea.

Horseshoe crab. We found this overturned on the beach. Surprisingly it was still alive.

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a golden opinion from Anonymous Tom,Dick&Harry

Nice beach. Just wondering if you could let me know the road directions to it. Appreciate it. Thanks!

11:02 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger MoonCake

Follow the way to KLIA, right after the toll, take the 1st turning to right, which will lead u to INTI College. Go "straight" at 1st round-about, turn left at the 1st traffic light, right at the 2nd and 3rd traffic light then all the way straight again, then there will be signboard to guide u along the way :-D

11:44 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Honey Star

hey, is it because of your pic, or the place does look good.

10:49 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

honey star: no no... it really does look good!

9:45 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

I've heard about this place recently. Can you show me the way?? Im from Puchong!! I don't really understand the direction above. Which toll is that?? Thank you very much!!

4:14 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous PutraSyah

Wow!!! I cant wait for this MEGA project to be opened for public. I've read from the net that it will be completed in 2009. (...but not sure either it's just the palm tree resort of the whole project).

Anyhow... as for the direction, you take on highway and headed to KLIA. Once you reaches the KLIA toll gate, take a junction headed to Sepang F1 circuit. Once you reaches the F1 Circuit, follow the signboard headed either "Hotel Seri Malaysia, Bagan Lalang" or "Sepang Gold Coast". From there after, you will entering the village area. You will be passing 2 towns, Sepang and Sg.Pelek respectively.

I guess... it's pretty simple as long as you guys follow the "Hotel Seri Malaysia" signboard.

Hope this will help those who needs the direction.

2:01 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

hi, not being a prejudice comment. but i go there quite often, but its not like the perfect beach to be at. Comparing to PD, yes its better coz its not crowded. It does have that simple kampung style touch where its not highly developed, and u can be there and relax. The sand in the water is more mud-wise, compared to sandy. The sea water is not crystal clear, a little turn off to jump in. Its a beautiful place, no argue in that, but to set up a MEGA project, its just more spoiling than contributing. Spoil the income of the locals and the environment. Its nice now, cause u can drop by and park and walk and set a tent anytime anywhere u like, but once the MEGA project runs, there's no place for the little fish to play...if u know what i mean...

4:42 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Seven

So when is the MEGA project going to open for public? apparently they did very well.. phase 1 sold out in no time.. according to this website Sepang Gold Coast

6:06 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

r u sure this project is not going to destroy the enviroment...and no water when its low tide...what type of water villa which suppose to have crystal clear water

5:22 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Which human-made project does not destroy the environment?
Cars produce carbon-monoxide, textile industries produce toxic effluent etc etc
Anyway, the project is on the west coast with the dirty sea water of Malacca Straits.
Beach-wise, I'd go to the east coast or Sabah or Sarawak... way much better!

9:20 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

i went there for dinner, there are 2 restaurant, the one we went was SGC, SUCKSSSS Restaurant!!!!!!BAD SERVICE!!!! the CHINESE STAFF there even more WORST!!! if you guys wanna go there for dinner, better choose the other restaurant call 'sunset'..

8:32 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Justin

Seven, the mega project projected( Palm Tree project only) to be completed by end of March 2010.

Honey Star, If you like to view a nice view, suggest you to come on 1st, 15th & 30th of chinese calendar.

3:40 PM  

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