Friday, April 28, 2006

KFC's OR Chicken Chop

KFC's Original Recipe Chicken Chop.

KFC seems to be trying very hard these days. While I applaud their effort to provide variety and their willingness to test the market with some daring concepts (fish in KFC, anyone?) the OR Chicken Chop is a product that should have never been released.

First of all one of the greatest joys of eating chicken at KFC is their crunchy texture. When you pour mushroom sauce over a piece of KFC chicken the crunchyness is lost and you end up with a soggy piece of chicken laced with button mushrooms.

The whole dish screams of re-use. Basically operating a fast food joint is a little bit like manufacturing. You re-use as many parts as possible for any variety of products to keep the costs down. In this dish we have the OR chicken and the coleslaw (with some added raisins!). It doesn't look like they made much effort to make this offering unique at all.

To be fair the mushroom sauce and the fries are unique to this dish but they aren't much good at all. I think I would have preferred it if they put in some potato wedges instead. At least that looks more grand... which brings me to another point; the advertising campaign.

KFC is taking the approach that basically goes "you don't need any special occasions to eat chicken chop because you can have affordable chicken chop at KFC everyday now". I don't think anyone thinks a chicken chop is much of a celebratory dish. Steaks yes... but chicken chop? That kind of belongs in the same category as Fish and Chips. Well this OR Chicken Chop is anything but grand and the whole dish more or less sucks.

Eat at your own peril :)

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a golden opinion from Blogger alvin

Yea.... can get cheaper and nicer chicken chop else where.I wonder what are those Chinese words on the serving paper on the tray. I saw it too few days ago when I went there for my dinner. Any takers?

7:58 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger J

It looks ok....
Does it taste bad tho?
(Haven't tried it yet and probably won't - just curious)

I was actually adventurous enough to try KFC's fish burger a while back and I was very very disappointed.

8:08 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Joan Chew

agree man!! KFC should just to their original crunchy chicken since they specializes in that! Lol! =P

8:23 AM  

a golden opinion from Blogger boo_licious

Waste of stomatch space - think you shld save your $$ and the space to eat it at those western mamaks as they do it much better there.

10:53 AM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

Even the mushroom sauce is reused - it's just the normal brown sauce from the mashed potatoes mixed with some mushrooms.

4:19 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

alvin: dunno... can't read chinese.

j: Better save your money. I didn't think the Fish Sandwich was too bad though.

joan chew: yup yup... hot n spicy is good too.

boo_licious: I'm no fan of chicken chops. It's one of those things I eat when I don't feel like spending money on a steak :)

anonymous: sure or not? I don't think it's the same leh but I could be wrong.

7:09 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger Dragon City

Jon, can't blaim them too... their A&P and R&D dept still need to do their work..if their keep selling the crunchy chicken with no new products..they will screw by their boss...right? = P

1:44 PM  

a golden opinion from Blogger wyejon

dragon city: ahh... but the approval from the product must come from their bosses mah... so if want to blame someone i would blame their bosses :)

8:13 PM  

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