Sunday, November 28, 2004

All in One November Updates!

So what's been happening to me? November has been an above average interesting month for me. I got myself a new hand phone. The Motorola E398:

This picture shamelessly stolen from

I love this little gadget. At least now people will finally stop bugging me about not owning a new phone! Ha... right back at ya!

one of the first pictures I took with the camera phone

The first phone I received was defective. Once you turned it off, you had a 5% chance of turning it on again. Sent it bact to the shop for repair. Collected the phone a week later and the problem was still there. The salesman gave me a new set straight away. I didn't even have to request it. Pretty impressed I was :)

I attended the wedding dinner of one of my girlfriend's distant cousin. It was held at in the Grand Ballroom of the Renaissance Hotel (her cousin is from a well known and wealthy family).

If you have been to a wedding recently you would probably have seen pre-dinner presentations in regards to the love story of the bride and groom. Usually this is presented in a slide show format, showing various pictures of the couple from when they were to wee babies to the time of their courtship. Well this guy one upped every other wedding I have been to. We were presented with a short film about the couple's love story. Kinda like a half hour Chinese serial with actors! Way to go Daryl!

Here's looking at ya!

The 21st of November was my birthday. My 24th if I think :) Getting older by the day here... bones getting creaky... gut getting flabbier. Anyways I finally watched The Incredibles and it was... INCREDIBLE (I know... lame joke!). Had dinner at Chilli's(is that how it's spelled?) in Midvalley Megamall as well. Not the first time I've been to Chilli's. Probably the only reason why I keep going back there is that I keep forgetting how much the food sucks.

Seated in Chilli's

I spent the better part of Saturday (27/11) wasting time alone at Sunway Pyramid while I was waiting for me old jalopy to get serviced. They replaced the front brake calipers too coz it was leaking oil. I was desperately looking for something to do and Siew Toh suggested I go watch a movie. So Alexander it was. Lemme tell you something... if you have 3 hours to waste with very little money to do so, RM10 for a comfortable air-conditioned 3 hour sitting in the cinema watching Alexander is the greatest thing. The movie really wasn't that bad after all. Watch for the scene near the end where Alexander charges up to an Elephant on his black stallion.

a picture of Sunway Lagoon taken from a balcony in Sunway Pyramid

November is a rather special month for my family not just because my birthday falls on it but because my brother and my mother were born in the same month as well. I brought my family to this place called Cafe Melise in Damansara Jaya. It was recommended by The Star Newspaper a few days ago so I thought I'd give it a try. Review is here.

They weren't kidding when they mentioned the 'chap fan' style!

The food wasn't that great but it wasn't too much of a burden on me old leather wallet. RM70 for 5 persons. The concept was not that novel though. It kinda reminded me of eating at a canteen.

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