Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jackie Chan and Danny Devito football movie to shoot in Malaysia?

I find this very interesting news. I've read a few blurbs on the Internet about a new movie starring Jackie Chan and Danny Devito to be shot in Malaysia as early as next month! There are a few news items attesting to this on the net but they are all syndicated from the same source. If you wanna read the blurb here's a link.

Apparently the movie is titled "90 mins" and will tell the story of 2 school football teams and I quote from the article "striving to win some major loot for their schools"... whatever that means. It's a football movie so they're going to try to capitalise on this year's World Cup.

What's truly mindboggling is that they're slated to shoot in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Genting Highlands and they've got an Indian (as in from India) director named
Iqbal Rizvi although a quick search on Google says Iqbal is from Pakistan.

Picture this... Jackie Chan... Danny Devito... school kids playing football... and an Indian (or most likely Pakistani) director... in Malaysia! Lol... the dots don't connect for me. The concept is so bizarre that my mind is getting warped. I wonder when the local press is going to churn out some Malaysia Boleh articles on this.

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