Monday, July 17, 2006

Halal Chinese Noodles (as in from China) at Tian Shan Restaurant, Berjaya Times Square

Tian Shan is a restaurant which I suspect is owned and operated by immigrants from China because the person taking orders and manning the cashier speaks Mandarin/Cantonese with a really thick Chinese accent and you know how the person with access to the cash register is usually the owner or a relative.

Anyway the most interesting thing that I find about this place is that it's halal so if you're a Muslim and are dying to try out some authentic Chinese noodles do give this place a try. Masak-masak (linked at the end of this post) goes to great lenghts to explain the style of the food served here so please do read her review. As for me I'll jump straight into the noodles that me and ST ate that day.

I had the Spicy Beef Noodle (RM10.90)

It's called spicy but as you can see the soup hardly looks spicy and what's that big black chuck floating on the surface of the soup? Actually it is a little spicy because they throw in some fermented soybean chili sauce (tau ban jeong?) into the soup and that big black thing are chunks of beef. The beef didn't look very appetising but it was surprisingly good. I like the fact that the soup was also well imbued with the rich taste of beef. Generous portions of beef were served as well.

Chicken Chop and Noodle and Suey Choy (RM 11.90).

The chicken chop was quite delightful. It was well marinated and had a crispy texture. The strong flavour of the chicken chop complemented the rather plain Noodle with Suey Choy. See that chili sauce in the picture? That's the fermented soybean chili sauce I was saying they put into my beef noodles.

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a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

superb... saliva coming out !!

10:30 PM  

a golden opinion from Anonymous Anonymous

anyone knows where it moves? it's no longer at Berjaya Times Square.

12:33 PM  

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