Tuesday, December 28, 2004

South Asian Tsunami Incident (cont.)

It's being called the worst natural disaster ever recorded. The death toll is estimated to go upwards of 40,000. This is 10 times the amount speculated in the initial reports. My heart goes out to those affected and I thank the heavens that the people I know were spared.

While it's more gloom and doom on the news channels one gem of hope has emerged. CNN has reported that a baby girl was found afloat on a mattress in Malaysia. The girl is now safely back in her family's care. No writeups to be found in the online versions of local newspapers yet. I expect this story will make the frontpages tomorrow morning.

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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Earthquake, Tsunami in Malaysia?!!

A Tsunami hit Malaysia this morning? I did not know until I came home and surfed to www.jeffooi.com, article here. Malaysia is not the only country affected by the Tsunami. The earthquake which measured about 9 ( more accurate figure forthcoming ) on the richter scale occured in Sumatera ( in the Indian Ocean to be specific ) and sent tidal waves to the coasts of Thailand, Burma, India, Bangladesh, The Maldives and Sri Lanka besides Malaysia and obviously Indonesia itself.

Deaths are reported all over. Even Malaysia's own Pearl of the Orient, Penang was not spared. Tremors were felt all over Peninsula Malaysia (however I was fast asleep when it happened and did not notice a single thing). Thankfully although structures built in Malaysia were never built to withstand any tremors our buildings have survived intact the few times that tremors have hit Malaysian soil ( the last time was some years ago... I was still very young then... probably primary school ).

Mother Nature is a very scary thing.

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Friday, December 24, 2004

Ubuntu Linux!

Update: For those who did not / are not going to read the article thoroughly... the Ubuntu Linux CDs that were shipped to me cost me absolutely nothing. They are free. Yes free as in beer! So give them a try ;)

I received my copy of Ubuntu Linux in the mail today! I think I actually ordered them like 2 months ago. Well at least it's here :) Now if I only have a spare hard drive lying around...

So what is Ubuntu Linux? I'm not too sure. I haven't read up much on it and since I don't have sufficient hard disk space I can't install it to play around with it. All I know is that Ubuntu is a fairly new Linux distribution based on the well respected Debian distribution. Not much reason for me to install Ubuntu since my Suse is still doing fine.

Get your very own free pressed ( as opposed to burned ) Ubuntu Linux CDs here!. You're definitely going to have to wait a while though.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Fatty Crab's Crappy Crabs

Tonight I finally had the chance to try the famous/infamous Fatty Crab Restaurant (or at the very least one of its many branches). The Mines chapter of the Fatty Crab chain is located on the left side of the highway immediately after the toll booth... blink and you'll miss it.

Situated right next to the Mines Lake ( which according to me dad used to be the largest open tin mine in the world ) you can apparently board a Water Taxi all the way to the Mines Shopping Centre. Unlike many other restaurants placed similarly next to a lake this one did not stink... unfortunately the lake was so dimly lit that it was impossible to see anything other than darkness.

Fatty Crab... sounds like a great name for a restaurant. I'm going to open up a Fitty Crab Restaurant to sell healty crab dishes.

Sparsely decorated... good enough for me. Notice the large expanse of nothingness to the right of the picture. I hear a lake is visible there during the day.

What we had ( 10 pax ) for dinner save for one dish which picture came out extremely blur. Clockwise from top left: Signature Fried Rice, Lala ( damned if I know what this is called in English ) with garlic and chillies, "Wat Tan Hor" ( smooth egg rice noodles? ), Sour and Spicy Crab, Fried Sotong ( squid ) and some leafy greens.

Verdict: Don't bother eating here. Like so many restaurants with a reputation that preceeds them, prepare to be disappointed and I mean badly. You know the food is going to be bad when something they proudly call their Signature Fried Rice tastes like a 3 minute rush job ( which was the actual amount of time the dish was served to us from the time our order was taken! ).

On a side note, I bumped into our favourite Voracious Raptors again... namely Jonathanus Hungryous and Justinus Mega Appetitus. Those darn dinosaurs really know how to get around.

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Monday, December 20, 2004

Imax Theatre, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur

Meeting the Power Rangers was not the only exciting thing that happened to me last Sunday. Siew Toh and I went to watch The Polar Express in 3d! ( read with a deep booming voice and lots of echo). The last time we watched Imax was during our trip to Sydney back in 2002.

This picture doesn't have much to do with Imax other than it was taken in Berjaya Times Square where the Imax theatre is also located ( and that I love this picture a lot ).

Here's a picture of the Imax theatre taken when I was in line at the confectionary stand. The popcorn was lousy and they served me Fanta Grape as the default drink instead of Coke!

Siew Toh in the cinema hall. The show was supposed to start at 8.45 pm.

But didn't start till 9.30 pm. Thankfully the Digi priority seats we got were the best in the house.

Those 3d glasses were very weird looking and they were completely different from those that were given out in the Sydney Imax.


How was the movie? The animation was great but somehow completely lifeless. There was also a funny problem that occured throughout the whole movie (plus the trailers in the beginning), the dialog track was unclear. It sounded like an 8 bit recording making some dialog very very difficult to make out. I wonder if the problem was unique to the screening we attended?

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Go Go Power Rangers, Mighty ******* Power Rangers!

Whoa! I met the Power Rangers last Sunday. It seems there are evil forces to combat in Sungai Wang Plaza as well ( they might have been sent by the BSA to fight the evil software pirates of the Bukit Bintang area ).

Anyways, myself and Gold Ranger compared our kung fu moves for a while and I managed to get a picture taken with him.

However the Power Rangers were quite busy and didn't stay in one place for too long.

Nevertheless they still had time to pose for the kiddies (and me!).

Some parents were seen being pulled to the cashier by their kids. The parent's hand in the child's left hand and a new Power Rangers toy in the child's right hand. Of course the smarter parents carried their children away from the Toy Department before the children could see the Power Rangers.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Kancil Terbalik

I came home from work to this scene. A Perodua Kancil was lying flat on it's back. Yes I know it's very "bat" ( busybody ) of me to blog this.

There are some details of the accident that may not be obvious due in no small part to the crappy quality of the picture taken with my camera phone ( though I still love the phone ):
  • There was no blood.
  • Despite performing a turtle manouvere the Kancil's frame held on protecting it's passengers from being crushed to a bloody pulp.
  • People who I assume were the passengers of the Kancil were standing next to it. This includes a pretty elderly lady.
  • Police were at the scene but there did not seem to be any other party involved in the accident... perhaps the accident was caused by careless driving on the Kancil driver's part? I don't know and don't want to speculate further.
  • I did not jot down the car plate numbers and I do not intend to ask family members if they wrote the numbers down so that I may buy the lottery.
  • There were many bystanders (not captured within the picture) and traffic crawled to a still... proving once again that nothing distracts a Malaysian better than a good traffic accident.

Looks like I'm dead wrong concerning the details of the accident. My brother who had just returned from walking our dog Pam told me the following:
  • He overheard that the driver was a girl. I did not see her at the scene so I'm going to assume she has been sent to the hospital. Hope she's OK.
  • There were two other cars involved... a Proton Wira and a Proton Putra (which especially the Putra are cars known to have drivers who speed like crazy).

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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Voracious Raptors Caught on Camera in Puchong

The two velociraptors caught feasting on the remains of an "African Fish"

It's amazing what one can come across these days. Yesterday night while I was out for dinner I encountered two members of a prehistoric species of reptile which I thought was long extinct. Without hesitation I proceeded to hide myself by climbing up a coconut tree where I was able to better observe the eating habits of these peculiar creatures. Perched among the coconuts I was able to capture the above picture using my camera phone (notice the blur caused by the creature's rapid movements). I left the scene shortly after the two creatures scurried off into the bushes.

Upon reaching home I opened up my Dinosaur Encyclopedia Edition MXVIII and found the following interesting facts. The smaller specimen is known as Jonathanus Hungryous while the larger specimen is known as Justinus Mega Appetitus. Indeed as stated in the book these creatures average 3 bowls of rice per meal and they eat any fish right down to the bones (no meat left uneaten!).

For further information pertaining to these fascinating creatures refer to the following websites: here and here.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Introducing Justin Chin

I attended a dinner of a grand-aunt of mine last Sunday nite at the Marco Polo Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. She was celebrating her 70th birthday but she hardly looks a day over 50. Anyways I found out my cousin started his very own blog (link is here). I suppose he's about 15 or so... I don't really bother to remember these things. Check out his blogs. He echoes my sentiments about my grandparents (my paternal grandparents and my cousin's maternal grandparents). I'm impressed with the level of English he's able to write... good stuff.

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