Sunday, September 12, 2004

Naruto on Malaysian TV!!!

Just a little nugget of information...

I was channel surfing on Astro this morning and came across Naruto on Astro Ria Channel 4. The show airs at 10am every Sunday for a length of half an hour. The episode shown today was episode 4. In Japan, Naruto is currently at episode 100.

The version on Astro is dual language; original Japanese and badly done Bahasa Melayu translation. No subtitles included so watch only if you can understand Japanese :)

Side note: Best Malay dubbing of an Anime must surely be the Doraemon cartoons.

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Monday, September 06, 2004

Satria and Tiara replacement models

In case you haven't yet found these pictures... they are those of Proton's newest models. The SRM (Satria Replacement Model) in the first 5 pictures should be out before the end of the year whilst the TRM (Tiara Replacement Model) should be out early next year.

Aren't they good looking cars? I think the SRM is a really hot looking car. However I'll prefer to keep my enthutiasm curbed. After all IT IS A PROTON! While it may look good the materials used to make the car will probably be sub standard and furnished with a toy plastic interior. Sigh...

I still very much think the Picanto is a better car.

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