Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pizza and Pasta in Puchong? Try Restoran Caff in Bandar Puteri Puchong

Nowadays I like to bring my family to the Puchong area for special occasions because so many new eateries have mushroomed up in the area. Thus for Father's Day last Sunday I brought them to an Italian Restaurant in Puchong that me and ST have always wanted to try. Restoran Caff is located in the shoplots opposite the Giant hypermarket in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

The restaurant was rather empty that day but then again so were many other restaurants which is a surprise because it's supposed to be Father's Day... but when you realise it's World Cup season and Japan was playing on that particular night then it all makes sense.

Restoran Caff has a good selection of pasta dishes and a respectable selection of pizzas. If you're looking for steaks and chicken chops then you're out of luck. It's not that they don't serve steaks and such but their selection is very limited. Personally I would recommend the pizzas and pastas. They are good stuff.

They have see through glass panes to their kitchen so you can see your food being prepared. Mr. Chef here is preparing our Turkey Ham Special Pizza.

The result of Mr. Chef's kitchenwork the Turkey Ham Special Pizza (RM15.00) which is supposed to serve two persons but thin crust pizzas are seldom that filling (yeah I admit I'm a Pizza Hut freak). ST found it weird that the pizza base consisted of mayonnaise. I thought it was OK.

Tomato Marinara with Spaghetti (RM18.00). Like the name says it's tomato sauce with lots of seafood. It was my brother's order so I didn't try it.

My mom's Cream Turkey Ham with Spaghetti (RM16.00). Not bad at all but it was a little too similar to the pizza we ordered to share :)

Dad's Bolognese with Fettucine (RM12.00). Looked rather plain. I didn't try this either.

My Basil and Lemon Seafood with Fettucine (RM18.00). I love the lemony sauce that came along with my pasta. The seafood was reasonably fresh as well. Thumbs up!

ST's Grilled Boneless (Chicken) Drumstick which came quite late. I was about halfway through my pasta. Maybe they had to wait for the chicken to hatch or something. I love the way they served the mashed potatos. One complaint though, the sauce was way too salty.

Restoran Caff is a decent place for Pastas and Pizzas. The prices are not cheap but they're on par with other Italian restaurants in KL.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Reviewed on I Talk Too Much

Wheee... I've been waiting so long for them to review wAntAn productions. Unfortunately I didn't get grilled as much as I wanted. Read the review here.

Their ratings come as slaps. Presumably the more slaps the reviewed blog obtains the worse off it is. I got NONE! Damn... all Sassy Sadie (the reviewer) gave me was a stinking pixelated fish and in her own words "See what you can cook with that and post it on your blog" so here it is!

Thanks for the fish!

On the plus side she quite liked my blog's template which I'm quite proud about because there's not much of a designer in me. On the flip side the people at I Talk Too Much seem to have some kind of issues with food blogs. I realise that wAntAn productions has been becoming more and more of a food blog (which I never actually intended it to be) but that's just the way things have become. I love to read food blogs and I like writing them and that as they say is that.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Herbal Chicken in a KL Alley

Oh man it's been two weeks since I've posted anything. If I have any regular readers thanks for your patience... I'll try to keep up a more regular schedule.

Today I bring you once again to an alley near my workplace. If you've read my blog post on Mum's Favourite Steamed Rice (it's a name... I don't think my mother has ever eaten there before) the Herbal Chicken place is located in an adjoining alleyway. From the Steamed Rice place just walk all the way through to the other end and you've found the place.

The first thing you notice about this place is that it's located in an extremely cramped alleyway. As such the Herbal Chicken place only makes five or six tables available with each table accomodating at most four adults. The second thing you notice about this place is that every one is having the Herbal Chicken drumstick! It's rare that you see a table without this particular dish.

We (as in my colleagues and myself) call this place the 'Yok Choi Gai' place which is Cantonese for Herbal Chicken. Actually because most of my colleagues speak Mandarin a lot more they call this place 'Yau Chai Ji' but I digress.

Back to the point. The Herbal Chicken I'm talking about here is basically steamed chicken with herbal soup. It doesn't look great in the pictures but I assure you it's one of the best steamed herbal chicken you will ever eat.

The Herbal Chicken.

Being a tiny little stall they don't have much in the variety department. The other thing that they serve is what I like to call the Soup of the Day. Basically it's Chinese style soup that changes every once in a while (or perhaps it's rotated daily... I'm not sure). They also have pork trotters in vinegar and eggs boiled in the aforementioned pork trotters with vinegar soup.

Soup of the Day: Herbal Soup with Pork (a little like Bak Kut Teh soup).

Oh and the only other thing they serve is vegetables with oyster sauce. I believe it's always lettuce :)

Lettuce with oyster sauce.

If you want to eat the Herbal Chicken you have to be there early. They run out as early as 1pm.

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Proton's SRM revealed - Satria Neo

Look's like the time is finally here. The (very very) long awaited Satria Replacement Model will finally be revealed for all to see. Someone leaked the brochure for this beauty and scans are all over the Internet now. It doesn't look like a half bad car at all... pity about the rims though.

I don't have much to say about the car... maybe I'll go take a look at it tomorrow if it's available in the Puchong showroom. There's a very good article on this in Have a look see.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mum's Favourite Steamed Rice, Opposite Southern Bank in KL Town

Welcome to my new workplace; KL town. There are many places to eat in KL town and I believe some of the best are located in the narrow alleyways. As with most stalls located in alleys this one doesn't really have a name but I'm calling it Mum's Favourite Steamed Rice because they place placards on their stall advertising their steamed rice with this name. It's one of my favourite places for lunch but their steamed rice isn't cheap and the portions may not be enough for some people (like me!).

As per the title this place is located opposite the Southern Bank branch in Kuala Lumpur's Jalan Hang Lekiu (where Segi College is also located). Each steamed rice costs RM4.30. You can choose your desired steamed rice based on the yellow cards that are put up in front of the stall. Pick a number and sit down to be served. Besides steamed rice the stall also serves what the Cantonese call "King Jai Meen" (literally Economical Noodles) which usually consists of a variety of fried noodles and some condiments. I've tried a few of their steamed riced offerings and most of them are pretty good.

The stall.

Curry Spare Ribs.

Mui Choy Kau Yuk (Pork Belly with pickled vegetables).

They have quite a variety of steamed rice here but they are quite popular and usually runs out at around 1pm. Unfortunately my office's lunch hour starts at 12.45pm! There'll be a few more blog posts about makan places near my office. I'll highlight just the ones I find are quite special. If anyone knows any nice place to try out in the KL town area please feel free to share.

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