Monday, March 24, 2008

Rakuzen, Hartamas Shopping Center

Another outdated post as usual. 26th February is me and ST's anniversary. It's the day we became a couple. Every year we'll celebrate this occasion with a nice dinner only this year we have someone else tagging along...

Rakuzen, Hartamas Shopping Center
Who else but Kit Yi?

As is usually the case we ordered the sets because it makes the choices easy :)

Rakuzen, Hartamas Shopping Center
Unagi and Sashimi Set (RM 48.00)

Wow. The Unagi was extremely flavorful thanks to the generous amount of sweet teriyaki sauce. This set also comes along with some sashimi. This set is a little expensive but it's truly the best unagi I have tasted so far. Oishiii!

Rakuzen, Hartamas Shopping Center
Yakiniku (Beef) and Sushi Set (RM 45.00)

This set was pretty good as well. I prefer sushi to sashimi so if I return I'll order the sets with sushi instead. I must say the side dishes are quite nice as well. I usually don't like miso soup but the one I was served was nice. Not all salty like the usual ones I get. Even the chawan mushi (steamed eggs) were good.

Rakuzen, Hartamas Shopping Center
Kushiyaki Mori (a.k.a Skewer Grilled stuff RM 32.00)

We also ordered an additional serving of Kushiyaki Mori which is basically a selection of skewer grilled stuff. This was a big disappointment. Firstly there's nothing great about it. Secondly the prawn was undercooked and not too fresh making the inside all mushy. Thirdly, skewer grilled chillies? Hehe... I don't quite understand the appeal in that.

It was a pretty enjoyable meal despite the disappointing Kushiyaki Mori. One advise about eating here. Make sure you make reservations because they're packed even on weekdays! We had to wait half an hour to get a place.

Japanese Ice Creams!
Japanese Ice Creams for Dessert (RM 5.90 each, buy 5 free 1)

There's a shop next door to Rakuzen that sells a lot of Japanese junk food. We bought some Japanese ice creams home for desert. Rakuzen sells you the same thing for slightly more than what you can buy outside. They're all good but I think the honey and green tea one is the best!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Massive Seafood Chowder (Special) at Williams

Just a quick one. I was at William's yesterday night and I remembered the Seafood Chowder that suanie had the other day so I ordered it just for the hell of it.

I'm continually amazed at what William comes up with. A lot of his Western dishes are quite good (and expensive).

When the Seafood Chowder Special arrived I was apprehensive about whether I could finish it alone but I persevered and did it. A whole serving of the delicious seafood chowder downed all by yours truly. I'm not proud of it though because it'll mean a lot of suffering in the gym to get rid of all the fat I acquired in one single night :)

Don't do what I did. Get someone to share it with you. It's RM25 a pop which sounds expensive but really isn't. The Seafood Chowder Special is totally worth it becomes it comes with lots of prawns, many types of shell fish, some fish and one large prawn. Have I mentioned that it was delicious? It is. Do try it out... and make sure you share.

Massive Seafood Chowder Special at Williams

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Revisiting Tanjung Sepat

Yesterday afternoon ST, Kit Yi, me and a bunch of colleagues drove down to Tanjung Sepat.

It's my second visit to Tanjung Sepat but this time I drove all the way there and drove all the way back. Getting there from Puchong took us over an hour. Distance was roughly about 90kms (toll free all the way if you know how!).

On this trip I was armed with my just acquired secondhand Nikon D50 and the Nikon 50mm f1.8 prime lens. I sold off my D40 to offset the purchase price. Still not sure if that was the wise thing to do but no regrets so far :) At least I sold off the D40 to a loving owner. Anyways, primes rule.

BTW, my first visit is chronicled here.

We had lunch at the same restaurant that I went to the last time; Ocen Seafood Restaurant which has the best view of the so called Lover's Bridge.

At Tanjung Sepat
This is Lover's Bridge where the all good people of Tanjung Sepat go on dates.

At Tanjung Sepat
Ocen Seafood Restaurant seen from the Bridge. It's built on stilts. At night the tide brings in so much water it you can barely see the stilts.

I didn't manage to snap a picture of everything we had because I think most people on the table were hungry so I didn't think it wise to interrupt their eating by taking pictures of the dishes.

At Tanjung Sepat
An old favourite, the white clams. Good as usual. Love the sauce.

At Tanjung Sepat
Crabs with Salted Eggs. The crabs were pretty small. Could have been much better.

At Tanjung Sepat
Pork Ribs with Taro. Those Taros are HUGE!

At Tanjung Sepat
A view of the Lover's Bridge from near the edge. This pic isn't as sharp as it could have been... totally my fault.

At Tanjung Sepat
A closer view of the fishing boats.

At Tanjung Sepat
ST and my lovely Kit Yi. Check out the nice bokeh.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

I've voted

I've voted. Can you? If you could, would you?

To me it's clear. The time for action is now. Change has to come. The worst thing you can do is to do nothing.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke

I Vote 2008

I Vote 2008

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