Friday, February 27, 2009

Cafe Cafe

Tonight's occasion was our 9th anniversary. It doesn't feel like it but we've been together for 9 years now. Wow! Time sure flies. February 26th is the date we first got together back in the year 2000 and is a date I'd much rather celebrate than that dumb event that occurs on the 14th of February every year.

I've always wanted to try French cuisine in particular that magical thing called foire gras and one of the only French places I knew was Cafe Cafe. Of course we don't eat this kind of thing on a regular basis. Such extravagance is best saved for special occasions and today definitely qualifies.

As the rainy season is upon us again I made sure I left the office on time in order to avoid getting trapped in that daily ritual called the traffic jam. I sped all the way back to KL from Cyberjaya to pick ST up. I usually drive pretty fast but I think I might have set a new record for myself today :) In fact it's one of those rare occasions that I actually reached home earlier than her.

And that's how I reached Cafe Cafe at 7pm although I actually reserved a table for us at 8pm. The reservation wasn't that important though as throughout the dinner we were the only customers there. Several minutes before we left only 2 other tables were occupied. Lesson to learn here is that a reservation is probably not required on weekdays. I wouldn't risk not having a reservation on weekends though.

As per our S.O.P. we ordered from the set menu. There were 3 sets. The cheapest one costing RM89 and the most expensive one RM149. I can't remember what the set in the middle cost. I have this habit of over-ordering so I asked the waiter whether the serving for one set was enough for two. He said no. We decided to trust him so I ordered two sets; the cheap one and the expensive one.

Bread and Vinegar (something so common it probably needs no introduction). The bread was suitably warm and the vinegar tasted great.

Brie. This was quite decent. Though I think the cheese could have been warmer.

Our first foie gras. The foie gras was superb. Whenever something melts in my mouth, well I tend to love it. I made the mistake of telling ST what foie gras was before she ate it so although she concedes it was delicious, she was uncomfortable eating it.

Escargots. Ok I seriously did not expect my escargots to be drenched in olive oil. I don't know about you but I really do not enjoy oily food. Would have been perfect if this was baked with cheese :)

Soup of the day. Pumpkin soup I think. No complaints. Found it a little strange to see almond flakes in it though.

Wagyu Beef Cheeks! I read beef cheeks on the menu but I didn't think beef cheeks were from the cow's face. Turns out it really is :) This thing is braised. Not too sure I liked this one. Eating this evoked visions of eating beef noodles.

Seafood pasta. Ermm... this one was just decent. Nothing to shout about. Oh and here are those almond flakes again!

After some disappointing main courses it was great to have some superb desserts. The tiramisu was to die for. I also liked that they put rum in the cake. Not something that you will get in our usual halal cake shops.

Mango cheese cake. No slouch either. The mango toppings were a little sourish but eat it together with the cheese and the pastry and it's just perfect.

Happy 9th anniversary my love.

I can't say I was particularly impressed by this place. Maybe my expectations were too high. And seriously, I absolutely do not understand why people rave about it's decor. What's so great about it huh?

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Pic of the day: Meet Stiff

Meet Stiff

I think I'd rather call James or Eddie. Taken when I was stuck in a jam near Pudu on Tuesday evening.

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