Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Cowboy Bebop on HBO!!

Just a small blurb... I watched the Cowboy Bebop movie on HBO Asia today! I only saw the last half of the movie though :)

What's really quite surprising here is that it's the first time I'm aware of that HBO showed an anime. I hope this is a sign of better things to come. I've all but given up on watching HBO. This may change things a little.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

wAntAn production hits all time high!

Wednesday October 20, 2004


Kuala Lumpur: "Record hit numbers have been recorded for the wAntAn productions web site!" claims site owner Lee Wye Jon. The Monkey Times was able to obtain an exclusive interview with Mr. Lee in a coffee shop along Jalan Puchong earlier this afternoon.

According to Mr. Lee, the Nedstat Basic 3.0 Counter that he hid somewhere in the wAntAn Productions web site has recorded a record number of hits to his modest web site. A total of 130 hits were detected by the counter!

Mr. Lee was jumping joyously while trying to explain the following (paraphrasing by reporter follows ) - "130 hits is nothing for sites like Google who may get millions of hits per hour! However for my puny site it is a great achievement. I may now rest in peace knowing that changing to a blog format has not had a negative impact on viewership to my web site".

wAntAn productions was previously a custom HTML formatted web site. In June 2004 it was modified to use the Blogger engine for easier updating.

The average number of hits for wAntAn productions were 3 per day. In order to understand the impact of this unusually high number of hits, consider that this is an 4000 % unexpected increase in hits.

Signs were apparent from the first day of October that wAntAn production's hits would gain significantly. The average hits during the early half of October harboured in the 15 per day region. However the sudden influx of 130 hits is unexpected.

Mr. Lee attributes his success to the posting of the leaked Proton Satria and Tiara Replacement Model pictures on his web site. He also states that the picture of the two cars were unethically linked to in forums and in emails (an unethical practice commonly known as hot-linking).

Mr. Lee does not intend to disable hot-linking on the wAntAn productions web site. However he has expressed his wish to be properly credited by those using images hosted on wAntAn productions. In lieu of this he has watermarked the image of the two Proton cars in hopes that viewers will be aware of the originator of the pictures.

This reporter will keep a close watch on the hit activity of wAntAn productions. Please read the next exciting edition of the Monkey Times for an update!

Update: The final results are in: 205 hits for 20 October 2004!

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Monday, October 11, 2004

Christopher Reeve has passed away

Christopher Reeve is the only Superman I will ever acknowledge... much like how there is only one James Bond to most people ( Sean Connery ). There have been others who donned the Suit with the Underwear on the Outside ( most notably Dean Cain in the TV series ) and there is certain to be others what not with new Superman movies rumoured to be in the works. However there remains only one actor who will forever be the Superman of choice for my generation.

Mr. Reeve died Sunday 10 October 2004 of what is commonly known as a heart attack. Goodbye Superman.

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