Saturday, January 29, 2005

Coconut Flower Restaurant, Teluk Gong

I've just returned from a hefty dinner in a seafood restaurant near Port Klang. The place is the Coconut Flower Restaurant located in Teluk Gong. The occasion was Ben Yeong's birthday. This place really does not need any introduction to most KL people.

To get there simply take the Kesas highway ( towards the Klang direction obviously ) and go all the way straight till you see the signs pointing to Teluk Gong and then follow the signs. You will pass many other similar restaurants become arriving at the Coconut Flower. I've never tried the other restaurants so I can't say if they're good or not but the Coconut Flower Restaurant is generally regarded as the best one there... just ask anyone.

I'm more than a little tired ( probably because I consumed more than Toddy than I should... by the way Toddy is a liquor made from coconut juice ) so I'll restrain myself from giving elaborations though I really feel like it. Suffice it to say the food was mostly great and RM226 for 7 people is a price that can't be beat.

The infamous Toddy. Warning: Too much Toddy is rumoured to cause blindness! I find Toddy to have a cool and refreshing taste ( much like the coconut juice it is based on ) but all the others hated it.

Clockwise from top: 1. Deep fried fish ( no idea what kind )... crunchy whole fishes and 100% edible, no worries about the bone but looks exactly like the Keropor Lekor you find being sold on streetwalks and doesn't taste much better. 2. Mantis prawns totally de-shelled and fried Kung-Pow style. 3. A vegetable dish consisting of Jarum Emas ( what's this called in English? ), mushrooms and what the Chinese call 'Siu Bak Choi' ( little white vegetable ).

Prawns on a sizzling plate. Spicy goodness cooked with sambal, ladies finger and a healthy dose of onions. I love prawns and Coconut Flower delivered fresh prawns. Thumbs up!

This dish is called Carlsberg Chicken. Basically it's stewed chicken bits with a cup of Carlsberg mixed in. Didn't eat much of this. It sucked badly.

Teochew style 'Hung Jo' fish ( Red Snapper? ). Unanimously voted the best dish served that night. Thanks goes out to Tze Teng's girlfriend for recommending it. Truly the highlight of the night.

Two varieties of crabs. One kg each. The top dish is 'Kam Heong' ( golden aroma ) crabs whilst the bottom one is Marmite Crab. Does not disappoint but offers no surprises.

The aftermath: One certainty in life... any dinner involving 7 strapping young lads will not have much wastage.

Here's Ben ( he's another Ben, not the birthday boy ) taking photos... he's got some incriminating photos of me taken during the dinner. Lesson: Toddy makes you more accomodating than you really should be. By the way this Ben's blog is linked from mine. Find it if you can!

This is 'Yee Sang' ( lit. Fish Raw ). Served only during the Chinese New Year season. It is a dish consisting of sliced raw vegetables, crackers and raw fish. The raw fish of choice is usually salmon but despite its name people have been known to substitute fish with jelly fish or some other sea food. Yee Sang is usually eaten before the meal but because we forgot to order it we had it after meal.

Ok that's all... sleep beckons.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Satria Replacement Model ( again )

Lookie what I found? Even sexier pictures of the elusive Proton SRM ( Satria Replacement Model ). Looks great doesn't it? These pictures are much clearer than those I posted a while back and show no noticable cosmetic differences. While I tend to bash Proton a lot I do own and drive one and I must admit that I love the look of this car... damn. When is it coming out and for how much?

Maybe it's just my perception but does anyone else notice how few new Proton cars there are on the road? I see far more Toyota Avanzas, Toyota Vioses and hell even more Ssyang Yong Rextons than new Gen2s. Proton had better buckle up.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

KFC's OR Burger and a Major Blackout in KL

No actually they're not really related but they were the two things on my mind during lunch time today.

I went to KFC in Seri Kembangan for lunch today to try out their new OR burger ( which I reckon stands for Original Recipe Burger ). Tastes good, I'm one of the few people in Malaysia who still prefer the Colonel's original recipe with 11 herbs and spices over the Hot and Spicy version. But for RM3.99 per burger you would definitely expect something much larger!

Look... this tiny burger is only slightly larger than the whipped potato container.

Anyways that was part one of the story. Now for part two.

As I was enjoying my scrumptious meal of micro-burger the lights suddenly went off ( time ~ 12.30pm ) and some of the Colonel's kitchen equipments started emitting an irritating beep.

I found out from the radio on the way back to work that the just about the whole of KL, Selangor and even Johor was affected by the power outage! Outrageous I thought. A power outage of this scale in this day and age?

Thankfully the power was restored to all affected areas ( I think ) within 3 hours. Even more thankful was the fact that the power outage was not in the scale of what happened about 10 years ago where nearly the whole of Peninsula Malaysia was covered in darkness for 3 days ( if I remember correctly ).

But then again when Putrajaya is affected as well it's for sure that they will try to fix the problem ASAP.

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Perodua in 2005

Sneaky sneaky Perodua. The best local car company is going to make waves in the car market this year and I definitely do not mean Proton which barely made a sputter with their newer offering (cough... gen2... cough). I don't have much to say actually so just look at the link. ( )

Checked out the link? Yummy isn't it. Here's hoping for an even more competitive car market this year. I so long to drive a new car :)

In a related note, anyone hear that Proton wants to increase their car prices by RM2k above? Ermm... what exactly is Tengku Mahaleel thinking? Higher prices = better luxury car image? Nope... definitely did not work in Australia. No one I know buys a Proton because they want to but rather because they are forced to due to the artifically inflated prices of competitors. Hope Perodua makes a clean sweep.

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