Monday, October 24, 2005

Karaoke at Red Box Low Yat

After the porridge steamboat we went to our next destination. KARAOKE! Now I love to go to the karaoke but I hate the fact that I can't read Chinese and sit out through 99% of the Chinese song selections. I'm not the only non Chinese reading Chinese person in the office though so all of us non Chinese educated blokes tackle the English and Malay song selections :)

I'm going to take this oppurtunity to introduce the reigning office karaoke champ:

Melvin... this guy sounds like Hacken Lee/Alan Tam combined and can easily tackle Leo Ku's 10 minute song Golden Hits (King-Koh-Kam-Kuk)

I personally think Tung sings quite well and MH is great when given a chance. MH just doesn't sing very loud so unless he's solo you can't hear him sing.

Wong is alcohol adverse (you seriously don't want him to drink too much... unspeakable things happen). TT is happy that there's one less person to share the beer with.

YL and Joey. YL like Melvin can sing just about any song you throw at her.

Tung, TT and me.

Enthutiastic singing during the Ham Ga Ling song... you know what the f*ck I'm saying?

Joey is very camery shy.

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Farmland Porridge Steamboat, Pudu

Recently I have been bounced around by my company to work from one project to another. Luckily I was sent back to my old workplace in time to join in with the farewell celebration for my 2 kakis.

They chose to go to this porridge steamboat place in Pudu called Farmland. Now Farmland is located along Jalan Pudu and they have 2 branches on the same stretch of road. We were supposed to have dinner at the original branch but a reservation mess up by the restaurant forced us to go to the new branch.

Let me just say that the food sucks. I had such high expectations for it... darn. Maybe it's the fact that we were in the new branch. When we first went to the original branch it was overcrowded and there were a bunch of people waiting outside just to get in. The new branch was the total opposite. It was barely half full.

Those present were:

The stars of the day are guy #3 and guy #4. From left: YL, YH, Tung (founder of dragon city), TT, and TT's gf (and no TT I didn't forget her name... I just don't know how to spell it). TT's just left the company and I'm going to take over his work... wheee.

From left: Wong, Sey, Marcus's gf, Mr. Marcus.

From left: MH, Melvin, Joey (very difficult to snap her picture) and YL again.

The basic set is really that... just basic. The gimmic lies in the porridge broth they use instead of the common clear soup. (Actually you can choose 3 varieties of broth; porridge, clear soup and tom yam. We had the porridge and tom yam.)

Fried Nam Yu Pork Ribs... not bad but nowhere near outstanding. This is common 'tai-chow' cooking.

The much talked about porridge broth. Well it's just normal porridge. Imagine putting some fishballs and what not in you porridge and you can enjoy eating what we had for porridge steamboat as well :)

They earn some points for their chilli sauce. It's not the ordinary thick sambal-like type of chilli they provide at other steamboat places.

YH demonstrates how to cook your very own egg during steamboat.

Crack and egg into your ladle (preferably the one with holes) and dip it into the boiling soup just enough to cook it but not enough for the egg to spill out and contaminate the soup. Don't let go of the ladle until the egg is cooked (personally I would just throw the whole ladle in and wait a few minutes).

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Pizzeria Bella Italia

Continuing the tradition of really late postings on wAntAn productions, I bring to you some tantalising pictures from my first visit to Pizzeria Bella Italia in SS2. The food was good and the price was reasonable. So much so that I went back there last Friday to try their value for money set lunches (no pics of the second visit though).

Pizzeria Bella Italia is located on the same stretch of road as the famous Sri Murni (yes... the Chinese Mamak famous for it's claypot lou shi fun).

As you can see they make a big deal of their set lunches.

Since I've delayed this post for 3 weeks I can't really remember what I wanted to write so enjoy the pictures and the short descriptions instead.

Minestrone soup. Thick and tasty. The one they serve for the set lunch was thinner but no less tasty.

Hawaiian Pizza. This one was a disappointment. The pizza was undercooked. For good authentic Italian pizza I recommend the Italian restaurant in Street Mall, Cyberjaya.

Seafood lasagna. This was the standout dish. Aromatic seafood baked with cheese is a great combination. I'm not sure what the put in there but I think I tasted crabs, calamaries and some variety of shelled seafood (clams, mussels, etc...)

Not all that thick though. Somehow lasagna in my mind is always at least 3cm thick :P

It's kinda odd to take photos while eating in restaurants... lots of people stare at you... hehe.

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Google Adsense is back?

lol... I just signed up for Google AdSense thru and thus my AdSense ads are back! I wonder when I'm going to get banned again (or even if I'll get approved this time)... hehe

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sau Sing Gung - a new random masthead

Sau Sing Gung... the deity of longevity.

It's been so long since I created another random masthead for this blog... well I just added a new one using the picture above. Look out for it. You might have to refresh the page a few times to get it (it's random after all). Like it?

The Sau Sing Gung strap was a gift from ST. Cute isn't it?

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Doraemon at GSC MidValley

This post is a month and the half outdated but what the heck... who cares? I like Doraemon and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I used to collect the Bahasa Malaysia Doraemon comics and I enjoyed watching the cartoons on TV. Doraemon is a passion that I share with my brother. Of course nowadays I'm more into watching "less kiddy" animes but Doraemon holds a special place in my heart.

Animes in Malaysian cinemas are extremely rare. In fact other than the 2 Doraemon stories which they showed recently (more on this later) I can't think of any other animes that have hit the silver screen here. Can you? Why is that so? My guess is the local movie distributors don't realise what a huge following anime has in this country. Bring in a Miyazaki movie... I bet you'll make a nice profit.

The first Doraemon movie that me and ST caught in the cinemas was Doraemon: Nobita and the Robot Kingdom. I really wondered what trick GSC was trying to pull with that movie because it was substandard even for a Doraemon movie. I think it took several years to appear on our cinema screens. But what really takes the cake was the kid who vomitted behind us making us watch the rest of the movie with the scent of vomit.

On August we caught Doraemon: Nobita and Wind Wizard. This movie was damn good. I highly recommend you watch it although you would probably have to get the VCD to catch it cause it's been off the cinema screens for some time now.

It looks like we're rubbing his tummy...

but in fact we're trying to get the time machine from Doraemon's 4th Dimensional pocket

The characters in Nobita and Wind Wizard all wear Mongolian like outfits.

And in fact some of the characters in the movie are named after some famous Mongolian figures like Genghis Khan (at least in the Cantonese version that they showed in the cinemas)

Seriously looking forward to more anime in the cinema... even if it's just Doraemon.

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Veggie Burger: I'm lovin' it!

It would seem McDonalds is really pushing a rebranding agenda. When you think of McDonalds you tend to think of unhealthy fattening burgers, soft drinks and salty, oily fries. But then again who cares right? They do taste pretty good and it's a small miracle that McDonalds are consistently good whichever country you go to. Yes I really do enjoy eating at McDonalds but not in excess though. The stomach growls for a Big Mac once in a while and I can't help but obey.

Anyway as I wrote earlier, McDonalds is pushing a rebranding agenda. They now want to be known as a healthy fast food joint. McDonalds Malaysia dipped their feet in the water with the Chicken Foldover (yummy garlic sauce) and now they introduce their newest in health(ier)y fast food, the Veggie Burger.

Lot's of lettuce... just the way I like it.

Look at that pattie... there's no meat there!

What's in the pattie? According to the website there's "
wholesome corn, capsicum, carrots, potatoes and peas. Garnished with fresh lettuce and tomato and topped with special sauce." Seriously good stuff. Think currypuff and you get a feel of how it will taste.

Along with the Chicken Burger and the Double Cheeseburger you can now get your Veggie Burger for RM2.50. I wonder if this burger will become a staple on the menu.

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