Monday, October 16, 2006

Special Smooth (Pan Mee) Noodles

On Sundays I usually go out to the nearby areas to buy some lunch for the family and some time ago I came across this Pan Mee stall in Taman Kinrara which proudly proclaims that they sell SPECIAL SMOOTH NOODLE. Wow... with such a bold claim I was immediately hooked. I don't think I've ever seen anyone advertise Pan Mee in quite the same way.

Special Smooth Noodle.

Sure it's only a small red cardboard sign but it's making a real big claim (of course the Chinese words are much more prominent but I can't read them so that's a mute point to me). It occured to me that I was willing to give it a try just because of the sign. I wonder how many other people a day like me go to this coffee shop, see the sign and decide to try it out by merit of the sign alone. Well good advertising pulls in first timers. The true test is if they can get repeat customers.

The Special Smooth Pan Mee (RM3.00), Konlo style.

I'm happy to report that this little stall has found itself a repeat customer in me. I'm not exactly crazy about them but as far as Pan Mee goes the way they make the noodles is quite unique and it really does result in a smooth bowl of Pan Mee. The stall owner makes the noodles on the stall itself so you can see (at least partially) how it's made. Basically the noodle dough is soaked in a tub of water. When an order comes in they tear the noodles off from the dough while it is still soaked in water and it is immediately cooked over boiling water. Because of the way the noodles are made there is only one type of Pan Mee sold here, that is the torn (in Cantonese it's "mit") style as opposed to the flat noodle style that's made by putting it through the dough cutting contraption.

As for the taste it's probably not the best bowl on Pan Mee you will ever have but it does deliver on its promise of a bowl of Special Smooth Noodles. I've tried both the konlo (dry) and soup versions and the soup version is probably better.

You can find this stall in a coffee shop (I can't remember the name) in Taman Kinrara, Puchong nearby the Projet station. It's in the coffee shop directly behind the Hong Leong Bank branch and directly faces the nearby Esso Petrol station.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Sate Supreme Combo at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has finally done it... they've brought back the Sate Supreme Pizza which is possibly me and ST's favourite Pizza Hut pizza. We simply could not miss it :) We made our way down to the nearest Pizza Hut and ordered the Sate Supreme Combo 1 which is recommended for 2 persons. The combo comes with quite a bit of side dishes that should leave you really full. It's probably a good way to "berbuaka puasa" if you're fasting this month.

We went into the restaurant at about 8pm. The waitress told us we had to wait about 17 minutes for the pizza to arrive. 17 minutes is a rather long time to wait when you're hungry but their staff was probably having their "juadah puasa" since they couldn't possibly have eaten at 7.05 when their Muslim customers were breaking fast. Anyways it wasn't a problem... we really wanted to eat the Sate Supreme. Luckily the pizza came a lot earlier than 17 minutes. It's good that they were still able to maintain their service level at that time.

So what does the Sate Supreme Combo 1 (RM32.50) come with?

2 glasses of Iced Lemon Tea.

4 pcs of Breadstix and 2 bowls of Soup-of-the-day (usually chicken or mushroom).

I prefer Garlic Bread! Stop giving bread sticks... they suck.

Thai Tuna Roll.

The Thai Tuna Roll was surprisingly decent. The fillings are basically tuna in some spicy Thai chilli sauce. I didn't think it looked appetising but it's actually not bad at all.

Sate Supreme.

Why do we love the Sate Supreme? What's not to love about Chicken Sate that's richly marinated with lemongrass? What's not to love about the fragrant peanut sauce that tops the pizza? The onion and cucumber toppings add a touch of satay authenticity to the pizza. While there's also cheese and pineapples on the pizza they do blend well with the satay taste.

Strawberry Napoleon.

Somewhat similar to the Banana Puff they had last time only this time the inside contains strawberry jam. Definitely not as nice as the banana puff but decent in it's own right.

RM32.50 for the combo is a little expensive but you do get your money's worth. The whole combo left us really reall full though so you may wanna order ala-carte instead.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Nak Won - A Korean Restaurant in Ampang

I just came home from a very filling dinner at a Korean restaurant in Ampang's Koreatown. Ampang is home to many Korean expatriates and some of them have set up businesses (restaurants, saloons, supermarkets, etc...) in nearby commercial areas. We originally planned to eat at Teluk Gong but ended up in Nak Won Restaurant in Ampang instead.

My absolute favourite thing in Korean restaurants are the side dishes. Any good one will serve your meal along with an incredible array of side dishes. We counted over 15 different varieties with our meal tonight. I'm not complaining here but I think you should know that most of the side dishes are pickled stuff and tend to be indiscernible tastewise from the common kimchi.

Side dishes.

More side dishes.

An egg in stone pot side dish. Something that I've never tried before.

There were eight of us that night. Everyone ordered their individual dishes and we ordered 2 servings of meat to throw into the barbeque "pit". One great thing about this place is that the waiters actually help you barbeque the meat so you don't have to worry about doing it yourself.

Great! They use charcoal for the barbeque.

Chicken (RM28.00).

Yummy looking pork belly meat (RM25.00)!

I didn't take pictures of everyone's main course but here's what me and ST had.

Mixed Rice a.k.a. Bibimbap (RM15.00).

The bibimbap was delightful. It's basically rice with lots of different vegetables and a raw egg. When you are served your bibimbap mix everything immediately. You end up with a mess of delicious vegetables, rice and eggy goodness. It tastes good enough this way but the waiter said it's a lot better if you mix in the provided spicy paste and he's right. After mixing it in the flavour of the dish was further enhanced.

Kimchi soup (RM15.00)

The Kimchi soup came with a decent amount of ingredients but taste wise it's a little wanting. I'm not sure if this is how real Korean's prefer their Kimchi soup but I like mine to be more sour and spicy. Not disappointing but could be a lot better.

After the meal we were provided with a whitish colour drink. I have no idea what it's called or even what it actually is but it's a sweet drink and it's very similar to soya bean milk but there's a hint of rice taste. It's served cold and it's a very refreshing drink. A great way to end your dinner.

ST enjoys "the drink".

I had a good time at Nak Won but I found the taste of the food there a little flat. There are many similar restaurants in Ampang Koreatown (right opposite Ampang Point)... I'm thinking there may be better ones around there. Perhaps you guys know of a better place?

Oh... by the way have you guys seen this yet???

Restaurant Nak Won,
A11-1-1, Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2,
Business Ave, Ampang Jaya, 6800 Ampang.
Tel: 03-4253 4249.

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