Monday, April 25, 2005

Bandwidth Control

Wow... thanks to the Perodua MYVI pictures my blog's bandwidth is going over the limit. Thus I've removed the images from my website for the time being. They will be reinstated when I get more bandwidth or next month when the bandwidth monitor is reset :)

Update: Hosting package upgraded... it's business as usual now!

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Perodua's new car!

If you're looking for information about the Perodua Viva... this is what you're looking for.

Finally I have found pictures of Perodua's new car. Widely known on Internet forums as the Perodua MYVI the new car is said to be based on the Daihatsu and Toyota designed Sirion ( a.k.a. Boon, Passo, etc... ). The origin of the name MYVI is quite a mystery to me though. The Proton code names were easy ( e.g. TRM for Tiara Replacement Model ) but as far as I know MYVI doesn't stand for anything! Of course the model name will probably change on launch. My guess is another K animal name again. Here's hoping for a Perodua Kerengge!

Rumours, rumours and more rumours:

The MYVI is said to be launching on 25th May or thereabouts. I'm hoping it will be significantly cheaper though because I'm in the market for a new and affordable car. With any luck I should be driving the MYVI in a few months time :) Another interesting thing is that many people on the Internet forums have claimed to have placed a booking for the MYVI by depositing RM500 with the car dealer.

Prices range from RM42,000 to RM52,000. The low end model will be equipped with a 1.0l engine and manual transmission whilst the high end model is said to be a 1.3l engine ( with DVVT, possibly same engine as the Kembara and Avanza ) with automatic transmission plus dual air bags and ABS! There is also mention of sophisticated anti-theft ignition keys. If this is true the RM52k price is justified because it has better features than a similarly priced Wira with two exceptions; engine capacity and space.

Guess where the indicator lights are? Look closely at the side mirrors.

Nice redesign of the Perodua logo. Reminds me of the Mini's logo. The fog lamps are said to come standard with the high-end MYVI.

Side profile is not that exciting but Perodua cars have always looked a little weird.

The rear is nothing to shout at. If anything it's very Korean; unexciting.

The console is a winner. However it is mostly just recycling from the original Daihatsu designs.

Let me end today's very interesting article with a question for Malaysians to ponder... What the hell happened to Proton's Tiara Replacement Model? Everyone was expecting it to be launched on the end of February. I guess once the MYVI is launched Proton can kiss TRM sales goodbye ( that is if it is even launched this year ).

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

KFC's Curry Chicken

Yet another flavour of fried chicken from Colonel Sanders. Kentucky Fried Chicken now brings to us Fried Curry Chicken! Of course, the weirdest thing about their Fried Curry Chicken is that there is no curry. It is simply chicken marinated with curry powder and fried.

Gotta admit though that the aroma is quite good but when you bite down into it there's no oomph in the meat. The piece Siew Toh had was salty. The one I had was quite tasteless ( but aromatic ).

In Malaysia, KFC offers their fried chicken in to variations. One is the Original Recipe whilst the other more popular variety is Hot n Spicy. Unfortunately KFC elected to replace Hot n Spicy with Curry Chicken during its promotional period ( Actually I like Original Recipe but most people I know prefer Hot n Spicy ).

Why mess with a winning formula? The least they could do is to offer 3 flavours instead of relegating Hot n Spicy onto the bench.

Kentucky Fried Chicken's Fried Curry Chicken. The curry leaves are a really nice touch :)

Correction: KFC's new product is called Curry Crunch.

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Nasi Kandar Kayu

Seymour Cakes and was kind enough to belanja ( treat ) me and another friend of mine to a dinner at Nasi Kandar Kayu a week ago.

It was my first time at this extremely famous place. Nasi Kandar Kayu originated from Penang and has since opened up a few branches here and there. The one we went to was located in SS2. According to Seymour who's a true blue Penangnite, the Nasi Kandar Kayu in SS2 is better than the one they have in Penang. Which is surprising because after all Penang is the home of Nasi Kandar!

Anyways I took some pictures that night including a picture of an unbelievably high roti-tisu. Sadly I corrupted my phone's memory card in a Bluetooth transfer accident before I was able to save the pictures to my hard disk.

I was thoroughly impressed with the food. The Nasi Kandar I had was with sotong ( squid ) but the food was un-Godly expensive. My dish cost RM13 while Seymore who had Nasi Kandar with chicken paid about RM8. But that was only the first impression.

Remembering the great food I had the first time I went back there 3 days later with Siew Toh but that day it sucked! What the hell went wrong?

These pictures taken during my second visit to Kayu. I had rice with sotong again. Somehow or rather it wasn't as good as when I first had it. Maybe it's just psychological but on my second visit it simply tasted plain.

The way they serve their roti-canai ( and variations ) is pretty cute. They have specially made plates where they can easily place the curry on top.

So on my second visit I felt quite disappointed with the food. Siew Toh had ordered a roti telur bawang ( lit. bread egg onion, which is an Indian bread with egg and onion ommelette inside ). The roti telur was ok but the fish curry provided was terrible.

Because the place made such an impression on me I wanted to give it a chance to redeem itself. I ordered another roti-canai ( plain bread ) just so I can try their chicken curry. Chicken curry created by the hands of a good Malaysian Indian Restaurant is the most fragrant curry you can get. Unfortunately, Nasi Kandar Kayu failed to deliver. Their chicken curry tasted totally weird.

Conclusion: inconsistent food quality and extremely expensive. I would probably still come back to try my luck to see if the food is better.

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Friday, April 01, 2005


The first of a series of 3 quick food reviews :)

Kopikau is a cafe located in Bandar Puteri Puchong. The most famous landmark there is the Giant Hypermarket. Kopikau's premises is situated in the shop lots opposite Giant. You can't spot it from the main road though because it is located in the rows with its back facing the main road.

There's a meaning to the word "kopikau". I don't drink much coffee but I guess it means strong, thick coffee.

Simple basic design. Not bad but there's really no theme here.

Their signature coffees. Served in gigantic glass mugs. It's very old style coffee ( as in Chinese coffee-shop style ), not the ones you get in Starbucks and the likes.

Tomyam fried rice. Where's the tomyam you might ask. I asked the same question and got no answer. Plus the serving is miniscule. Pretty bad.

Ahh... the venerable nasi lemak. Usually the redeeming dish for any restaurant. If you need to eat here the nasi lemak is the way to go.

Hong Kong style French toast. Not the common thick bread you get in Hong Kong eateries. I guess this is Malaysian style Hong Kong style French toast :D Deceptively filling.

A good place for discussions and the like because the place is in dire need of more customers. If you need peace and quiet in a nice and plain environment with so-so food but great coffee then you should be here :)

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