Sunday, October 28, 2007

Meet our daughter, Kit Yi!

Hello everyone!

Yesterday on the 27th of October, 2007 at 10.22 am our daughter Kit Yi was born. She's got super chubby cheeks that's very tempting to pinch. It looks like she's got my lips. The rest of her facial features looks like they're inherited from ST. I'm very glad that she doesn't look too much like me. I'm not very pretty as a girl :)

Kit Yi at Sunway Medical 27 October 2007

Kit Yi is the biggest (and most prosperous) baby in the nursery weighing in at 4.18kg which is equivalent to 9.196lbs. During our weekly ultrasound scans we already knew that she was going to be a big baby. The last scan we did before she was born, Kit Yi was estimated to be 4.5kg which is HUGE for a baby Chinese girl. We made a decision to perform a Cesarean section because natural birth might have been difficult. While she didn't turn out to be as big as the scans determined she is still considered big. In fact she's visibly larger than all the other babies in the nursery.

Kit Yi at Sunway Medical 27 October 2007

I'm very happy that both baby and ST is doing fine. We're expecting to leave for home on Monday (which is tomorrow).

A friend of mine wrote this in his sms to me:

"Welcome to fatherhood. Enjoy sleepless, diaper changing and bottle feeding nights for months to come."

You know what? I'm actually looking forward to it. At least for now :)

View Kit Yi's picture set on flickr here.

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