Friday, April 11, 2008 predicts the future Prime Minister?

ST alerted me early this morning about an article that The Star Online put up. Apparently someone put Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's face on the article instead of the intended picture of our current PM. Things like this are good for a morning laugh :)

Anwar as PM?

I'm wondering if this will be a reality soon. It's probably no big secret that DSAI harbors and intention to be the PM and there's speculation that he will be making his moves within the month. Interesting times lie ahead.

They have since changed the picture.

Original article is here.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Aunty Yong Pan Mee, Equine Park

Yesterday I paid a visit to Aunty Yong's Pan Mee which was recently mentioned by kampungboycitygal. I was filled with anticipation. After all I'm a huge fan of Pan Mee.

I parked my car at the parking lots opposite the restaurant and walked towards it. Getting there is not a big problem for people who work in Cyberjaya or Putrajaya as most of us do head to Equine Park for lunch from time to time. If you're not familiar with the area the only tip I can offer is that it's located among the shops behind Jusco.

As I was walking towards the shop I could smell the aroma of Pan Mee in the air. A very promising start. I took a seat. Waited a little while but didn't see anyone coming to serve me so I walked towards the auntie doing the cooking and delivered my order. Apparently this place serves very slowly so I was rather impatient.

The auntie politely asked me to sit down and wait for someone to take my order. Ok dokie. Sat down again and not long after someone took my order. Waited 10 minutes or so and it came...

Aunty Yong Pan Mee @ Equine Park
Large Soup Mushroom Pan Mee

I believe any good Pan Mee shop will serve up an excellent bowl of Soup Pan Mee (i.e. the way it's meant to be eaten) although I personally prefer to eat the dry version most of the time.

First impression; the bowl of noodles is huge! Shouldn't have ordered the large size.

I quickly dug in. The noodles were super smooth. I'm not sure how they do it but I don't think any other shop makes pan mee as smooth as this. In fact they were so smooth I had a tough time picking them up with my chopsticks.

Sounds great right? Unfortunately the taste leaves a lot to be desired. The soup is very very plain. If you share my tastes you won't enjoy this pan mee. Not only that but you don't really get much ingredients with your bowl of noodles. More mushrooms and potato leaves would do wonders for the taste.

The size of the dish is pretty commendable though. I had a hard time finishing the whole thing. If I ever go back I'm going to order the small sized one.

The whole meal was RM4.50 plus a cup of iced Chinese tea which probably means the noodle itself is priced at RM4.00. Worth the money if you want to get really full. Too bad the taste is so plain.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Magic of Cropping

I was just playing around with the Edit Photo feature in Flickr courtesy of Picnik. It's pretty useful for doing simple stuff like cropping and rotations. It's also got some nifty filters like the vignetting filter I used for this picture. I've always been too lazy to fire up Photoshop to clean up pics so this Picnik stuff is a godsend.


Kit Yi 27 March 2008


Kit Yi 27 March 2008 (pp in Picnik)

Picture is noisy because of ISO 1600 (plus the fact that I'm not using a D300).

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