Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bong Sen Vietnamese Restaurant, KLCC

Has anyone heard that I changed jobs? It's true. I'm now working near the KLCC area. Before this I spent one and a half years in Putrajaya. Even though there was basically nothing to eat in Putrajaya there was always Dengkil and Equine Park nearby where we could get cheap and affordable food.

Working in KL is a whole new ballgame. You're confined to eating lunch at locations nearby because it's mighty impractical to drive out for lunch. First of all you'll have problems with finding parking. Secondly, parking costs will kill you. Unfortunately if you're working near the KLCC area your choices for affordable food isn't all that great.

This post isn't about affordable food. Far from it. Shortly after I joined there happened to be an outgoing colleague. I hardly knew her but I still tagged along to her farewell lunch. It was held at Bong Sen. A Vietnamese restaurant located on the top floor of the KLCC mall. Right next to Chakri.

Being a "set" kind of guy I ordered their set lunch. Basically they allow you to combine an appetizer, a main course and a drink and charge you a set price for it. It was about RM30. I can't remember the specific figure. Frankly speaking I was quite hesitant to spend 30 bucks on lunch but sometimes you just have to go with the flow and hope you didn't pay so much for a lousy lunch.

Bong Sen, French Viatnemese Restaurant, KLCC

Vietnamese Prawn Rolls. A decent start to my meal. I started thinking maybe I would get my RM30's worth after all.

Bong Sen, French Viatnemese Restaurant, KLCC

Cham. A soda plus (was it?) lime drink. They serve this with a small pot of syrup (sugar water) because the drink is quite tasteless. Thought it was interesting when I looked at the menu. I was dead wrong. If you're ever here don't ever order this. I poured half a pot of syrup into the drink and it still didn't taste good. I didn't bother adding more because I was afraid of drinking so much sugar :)

Bong Sen, French Viatnemese Restaurant, KLCC

Pho. The famous Vietnamese Beef Noodles. I order this at every Vietnamese place I go to. Some are good and some are bad. Bong Sen's noodles belonged in the latter category. A colleague of mine described this dish best. She said it was more like the local Beef noodles with Kuey Teow. I couldn't agree with her more.

It's obvious to me why Bong Sen is consistently the least crowded lunch time establishment in KLCC. Do I really need to spell it out?

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Kit Yi is 7 months old

Just a little post to remind me of some Kit Yi milestones.

Kit Yi 26 April 2008

At 5 months old. We suddenly noticed that she could sit very well. 2 months later she hardly falls down while sitting anymore.

Kit Yi 25 May 2008

In fact nowadays we don't have much use for the stroller. Whenever we go out to eat, Kit Yi goes to the baby chair.

Kit Yi 26 April 2008

Also at 5 months, we started feeding her some solid food.

Kit Yi 4 May 2008

2 months on, she still makes a mess of eating :)

Kit Yi 5 May 2008

Nowadays she's taken to doing the 'boo-boo' ritual. We don't have any idea why. She probably just likes to do it.

Kit Yi 17 May 2008

This is one of my favourite Kit Yi pictures. Well except for the drool part.

Oh yeah and last week I spotted her first tooth. It's coming out from the bottom.

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