Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Screw You Swensens, SS2

Feeling pretty strong about this in order to interrupt my extended period of non-blogging (busy as hell, can't afford the time). Anyways a big screw you (aka the sanitised version of fuck you) to Swensens SS2.

We were there this evening for an earthquake (you know, the 8 scoop ice cream thing) and dinner. First thing we noticed, many of the waiters were pretty young. Like Form 3 young.

Ordered an earthquake, 2 glasses of plain water and a single serving of macaroni and cheese (on weekdays the mac and cheese comes with a complimentary drink and soup) from one of the girl waitresses.

There were a bunch of kids sitting next to our table eating like there was no tomorrow. No parents around. They were also chatting with some of the staff throughout their meal. It's obvious that they are friends with some of the waiters. Their food just kept on coming and coming. Meal after meal, ice-cream after ice-cream. Maybe they're getting some major discounts or something. Pretty curious about that.

So anyways a short wait later our earthquake came. Of course with my daughter around ice-cream is bound to be a messy affair. No serviettes provided. Had to ask one of the girl waitresses (the same one who took our order) to bring some. The girl disappeared into the kitchen and reappeared like 5 minutes later.

I happened to see her coming out from the kitchen and she noticed me looking at her. That triggered her short term memory so she picked up a couple of tissues from the counter and gave it to us. I can close one eye on this... no big deal.

I don't know about you but after I have some ice-cream (in our case 8 scoops worth) I like to wash it down with some water. Remember we did order 2 glasses of plain water earlier. That never came so we asked the waitress for them. 5 minutes later no water in sight, though many glasses of water were served to other tables.

Feeling a little pissed now so we asked one of the guys in red shirt (I assume this dude is the captain or manager, the other waiters were in white shirts) for our water. As you would expect it never came.

At this point in time, it's been over half an hour and aside from the earthquake nothing else came. Lost my mood for the mac and cheese so I asked a white shirt to cancel it they haven't started making it. As soon as I'm done talking to that dude he goes over to the table next to mine (the one with the ravenous kids) and starts chatting. Fuck you kid!

So anyways I gave him some time and when it was obvious that there was not going to be an end in sight to his chatting I stood up and made my way to the counter to cancel the order personally.

The kid in the white shirt quickly followed me to the counter. He was probably afraid that I would lodge a complaint against him or something. You know what he told me at the counter? He said "they are in the process of making your mac and cheese".

Fuck you kid, don't bullshit me. You left your friend's table and went straight to the counter. At which point in time did you have the time to ask anyone about the order's status? Do you think I'm dumb?

So despite his obvious bullshit, I didn't give him a hard time. I just insisted on canceling my mac and cheese. Of course, kids being kids love to have the final word so he retorted "Then I can have a free meal!". Erm... yeah sure whatever dude.

So in conclusion, a big fuck you to Swensens and all the incompetent assholes you hired (is it even legal to hire them in the first place?). I used to like you.

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