Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Got A Scathing Comment!!!

Back in December 2005 I wrote about this restaurant called Taiping Lang located in Bandar Puchong Jaya and I didn't like the place so I gave it a "meh" review. Today some idiot with the Blogger handle jiggerjacQ left me a scathing comment.

If you haven't already done so you should read the original review for context. I was going to reply directly on that blog post but very few people would have seen my reply, thus I'm going to dedicate a whole post to comment I received.

What follows is his scathing comment (in bold) and my reply:

Firstly, I would like to see how dragoncity will be able to prepare that sam bai he bi dish with cost less than RM1.00....get real please!!

Ok, this is not directed at me so it's not for me to answer.

Secondly, Jon, you should really feel ashamed of yourself for not being able to speak mandarin...etc...you are a banana Jon.....yellow on the outside but white on the inside.

Yes I do know that I'm a "banana". Thanks for defining the term but I'm fully aware of what it means and I'm really not that ashamed of it.

You do not even take the trouble to get to know the food you ate and yet you posted all about what you do not like about the food...

I don't think I have ever claimed to be an expert in food and I probably will never become one but just because I'm not familiar with what I ate doesn't mean I can't talk about it. Besides you need only taste buds to tell if something is tasteless. However if you don't agree with me well that's your right to do so except you should probably try to sound less like an idiot the next time you post your comment on my blog.

the tasteless soup is "leng gau" soup and its not tasteless....

I know what "leng gau" soup is and the it doesn't usually taste like plain water. The soup I got from Taiping Lang tasted very much like plain water. If plain water isn't tasteless I don't know what is.

I have been to taipinglang restaurant and i dare vouch that you are the one and only person who have eaten sam bai he bi and not known what it is called and that happens to be a favorite of majority of people i know....

Look... I don't eat much sambal he bi (prawns). You have a problem with that?

where are you from and what does your mom feed you?

I was born in KL. What do you care what my mother fed me? You sound like a kid, bringing mothers into an argument.

Your certainly do not look undernourished so I guess you are a Farn Toong after all.

I'm fat... yeah. However I'm not a "Farn Toong" (rice bucket) because I don't enjoy rice very much.

You do not know anything about food at all-

This sentence is plain stupid!

I will not pass comments on food that I do not know how to appreciate. It goes to show that you do not know your stuff but still want to write negative remarks about stuff you do not know about!

Like I mentioned before, I'm no expert on food but I think their food is sub standard and expensive. What's so special about their food anyway? It's my opinion and I don't force it down your throat.

I love the food at taipinglang and I have been their regular eversince day One!Many shares my sentiment.

Good for you. The next time you leave a comment in my blog you should stop the personal insults. It makes you sound like an idiot. However I still think Taiping Lang sucks.

One piece of advice my friend...if you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all!!!! It reflects on you and your mentality....

Do you know what the word hypocrite means?

and please learn to speak the chinese language...I am a non chinese and I speak most of the chinese dialects....i.e. mandarin/hakka/cantonese/hokkien. Shame on you!!!!

OMFGWTFBBQ!!! You is so the very "geng"! :)

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